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Keebmonkey Vintage Computer Modular Artisan Keycap

Keebmonkey Vintage Computer Modular Artisan Keycap

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Product Description
Throwbacks are big in the Mech Keys community. In this modular artisan keycap from Keebmonkey, they’ve never been smaller Read More

Jan 29, 2022
Is this product shipped yet? I ordered and haven’t gotten notification that it’s on its way.
Oct 7, 2021
Does this work with red switches?
Aug 7, 2021
Aug 5, 2021
The keycap should make the MacOS boot sound whenever it is pressed :)
Aug 6, 2021
I think it would be an innovation in the keyboard world to have switches made with conductive stems, which would open doors to programmable or electronically active keycaps. We can already read and write info to the chips in our sim cards and credit cards, why not put that tech to use in the keyboard world :)
peaceful_distanceCause a keyboard is not a credit card. It makes zero sense, financially, mostly, to do that just for a very niche market who are willing to pay for it. You'll have to redesign the whole keyboard, making it hundreds of dollars more expensive, and you end up with just a quirky little feature no-one cares about. I's not a wise business move. What would be smarter though, is to fit in a tiny coin battery into a keycap, and then, maybe, just maybe someone might want to buy this for 30 bucks
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