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We’ve accumulated quite a few keycaps over the years. From color-coded collaborations with top designers to funky one-off sets, we’ve seen it all—and now you can, too. Introducing the Keycap Grab Bag: a random collection of keycaps from past sets, ready to take your favorite boards to new heights. Comprising full kits, special runs that are never to be made again, and other assorted gems, each Keycap Grab Bag is filled with anywhere from 0.8 to 1.5 pounds of keycaps (depending on the included kits). All bags will include at least one or two random kits and a random assortment of other keycaps. Below is a list of available sets.

Note: This run is limited to 343 Keycap Grab Bags.

Keycap Grab Bag

Included Kits

  • Massdrop x MiTo Canvas XDA Custom Keycaps
  • Massdrop x Data SA Danger Zone Custom Keycaps
  • Massdrop x T0mb3ry GMK Carbon Custom Keycaps
  • Massdrop x T0mb3ry SA Carbon Custom Keycaps
  • The Amazing Chocolatier SA Keycaps
  • Massdrop x Moonduck Midas Mode Novelty Keycaps
  • Jukebox x Tai-Hao Cubic Keycaps
  • Granite DSA Keycaps
  • Originative ABS Double-Shot Keycaps
  • Originative GMK Modifier Keys CMYW
  • GMK 3Run Cyan Spacebar
  • GMK 3Run White Spacebar
  • Tai-Hao Sin City Cubic Keycap Set
  • Ducky Engraved PBT 108 Key Set
  • Tai-Hao Double Shot ABS Sculpted Keycaps
  • HHKB PBT Spacebars
  • Hidden Lab Two Tone HHKB Resin Keycaps
  • Hidden Lab Two Tone HHKB Resin Spacebars
  • Acute Keycaps
  • ABS Double Shot Keycaps
  • Tai-Hao Poker Novelty Keycap
  • Tai-Hao Rubber Gaming Keycaps
  • Novelty Shine Through Keycaps
  • Topre Realforce Logo Keycaps
  • Floral Print Spacebars
  • Cloud WASD + Arrow Keycaps
  • OEM Zinc Keycaps
  • ABS Clear Keycaps
  • DCS Black/Clear Keycaps
  • DSA Black Keycaps
  • OEM Blank PBT Keycaps


Estimated ship date is Feb 3, 2020 PT.

Payment will be collected at checkout.

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My bag
This is what I got from the Keycap Grab Bag!
GMK Carbon was included.I'm lucky!
Vomit board
decent variety
leftovers, was dissapointed didn't get any alphas
Excellent value
Ok for the price
Nice bag for fun. Received Xda alpha's + blank kits, an SA modifier kit and random taihao keycaps pictured
Not super satisfied.
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