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Keydous NJ68 Pro Hot Swappable Keyboard

Keydous NJ68 Pro Hot Swappable Keyboard

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Product Description
Keydous is known for creating impressively full-featured keyboards at any size. Case in point: the NJ68, a hot-swappable board with a compact footprint and tons of control Read More

May 8, 2023
I'll never understand putting a screen on a keyboard, let along one thats so small. I'm not even looking at my keyboard about 90% of the time, a screen makes no sense to me.
"Full, north-facing RGB LEDs" the images show south facing - which is correct? "Plate material: Steel or brass" are you being sent both? there are no choices to select for different plates "Adjustable feet" Where? how? there are no images of adjustable feet, or images showing where they might go what firmware is it running? what the mounting style? tray? gasket? sandwich? top? stabilizers plate or pcb mount? this is in stock on amazon for $210 with free shipping, for the exact same board........
May 9, 2023
mdotConfirming the RGB LED's are south-facing, and the plate material is made of steel. The specs have been revised. Thanks for calling this out to us. The metal feet on the NJ68 are adjustable- please see image below. NJ68 is gasket mounted and uses a steel plate PCB satellite axis.

Nov 12, 2022
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