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Nov 4, 2019
I purchased this IEM very early after it's release for around 40USD. I did not like how the cable oxidized in a few days with daily 30 minute commutes, and that sucks because I thought it looked nice too. The Kinera branding and the L/R indicators on the IEM will also wear out in time. The tips weren't really that nice either (though you'll probably use something else anyways). I also don't like the sound, not sure but something just sounded harsh to it, maybe somewhere in the upper mids/lower treble. Didn't like listening to rock songs on it. But "acoustic" or primarily vocal songs were fine. I think there was also some upper treble rolloff. What I liked about it though, is that it seals really nice, though the shells aren't really comfortable for me to wear. Maybe some other people (will) like this IEM, because it's probably just not for me (or I have bad taste).
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