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Kinesis TKO 60% Hotswap and Travel Case

Kinesis TKO 60% Hotswap and Travel Case

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Product Description
The TKO Ultra-Compact keyboard from Kinesis is an understated way to streamline any home, office, or gaming setup. With a space-efficient 60% layout, this ultra-compact board can easily fit into any desk space or travel case Read More

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100% would recommend to a friend
Feb 24, 2023
checkVerified Buyer
Great 60% Keyboard
First and foremost, the TKO's hotswap capability is a game-changer for those who like to customize their keyboards. With the ability to swap out switches on-the-fly, users can experiment with different types of switches and find the perfect combination for their typing style. The keyboard also includes support for both plate and PCB-mounted switches, allowing for even more customization options. The TKO's compact 60% layout is perfect for those who prefer a smaller keyboard footprint. Despite its smaller size, the keyboard still manages to include arrow keys, dedicated media keys, and a customizable rotary encoder, giving users easy access to essential functions without sacrificing any valuable desk space. In addition, the TKO's build quality is exceptional, with a sturdy aluminum frame and PBT keycaps that are both durable and long-lasting. The keyboard also includes customizable RGB lighting, allowing users to add a touch of personality to their setup. In conclusion, if you're looking for a versatile and customizable mechanical keyboard that doesn't compromise on build quality or functionality, the Kinesis TKO 60% Hotswap keyboard is an excellent choice. Its hotswap capability, compact layout, and premium build quality make it a standout option for keyboard enthusiasts looking to take their setup to the next level.
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Feb 18, 2023
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Great keyboard, but should come with extra stands.
This keyboard is great, good size, extra function key with the space at layout is great. Unfortunately, through daily use switching between typing and gaming, one of the four stands has cracked and has started falling off. Again, daily use, but shouldn’t happen after only 6ish months. The rest of the keyboard is solid, though.
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Jan 2, 2023
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best value for money
at drop price, its best value to money. + 60% layout with one extra macro key (triple space bar) + hotswapable with brightest rgb, (more rbg more fps :P) + front back tilt and left right tenting (very ergo) + 9 profiles and on board memory + premium accessories, braided cable, carry bag, 2-in-1 keycap and switch puller + you dont need to install software to config it (software runs without installation) - i wish i was able to assign smartkey to some other key (may be they update it any firmware update) - i wish reprograming layers was as or the software was more user friendly, its not very difficult to do but still need to learn how to do it (unlike other software)
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Nov 3, 2022
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Great for on the move
Luv the whole package, great for travel and working out of a hotel
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Oct 2, 2022
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Good small keyboard for gaming
I like the portability of it and the typing feels very nice.
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Aug 10, 2022
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Key remapping is essential and works well.
I use this keyboard for work as a scientific programmer. To work efficiently, I need to use the Fn key combinations all the time. I mapped the center button on the space bar trio to Fn which allows me to apply it with either thumb. This approach is working well. The key action with the brown switches is very smooth, and the keyboard is reasonably quiet for my working conditions. Also, I started using the TKO because I have some tendonitis due to repetitive stress. The compact keyboard seems to be an ergonomic improvement thus far.
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  • Software works but execution sucks. Thankful that I only had to use it 3 times to set my RGBs and shortcuts. I like the idea but it is too complicated for most people, updating the firmware was hard (and required a password that you have to find)
  • 50% of keycaps have quality control issues on the north bottom edges side. You wont see or feel them but it's there
  • That's it

Pros: Too good of a deal for $80. Everything you need to get started
  • Hard carrying case
  • The extra Kailh switches are 3 white, red and brown of each
  • Keycap and switch puller that is good
  • Metal
  • RGB on switches and 3 sides of the board (lights up the desk and customizable with software)
  • 3-way split space bar OR single, your choice
  • 5 pin
Honestly this would be perfect for a starter 60% board, if only it had better software.
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Rgb fest for mainstream
First, keyboard feels solid right out of the box. No issues using the keyboard as is. Though, as an enthusiast, keyboard felt hollow and pingy. Keyboard case is really good quality as well.
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Jun 5, 2022
checkVerified Buyer
nice but damaged
unfortunately, i don't have the money or motivation to write to support, to get the keybaord in order and to remove the custom keycaps, as well as the other switches i have installed :/
May 27, 2022
checkVerified Buyer
Good "mainstream" keyboard
It is a good keyboard. It is not an "Enthusiast keyboard." There is definitely value but when compared with my other boards it leaves much to be desired. The RGB is tasteful, and the quality is not "bad." Its is essentially just well QCd plastic that is thin with a thin aluminium top. Tried to bring out more sound but it just feels and sounds airy with scratchy switched even when lubed. I decided to just give it away. Perks.... RGB? Stabs are great, and I guess the options you have for an entry mainstream board. Would not recommend as an enthusiast board. It does not make it a bad keyboard however.
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