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Oct 6, 2018
I love 40% keyboard. and so I want DSA or XDA with uniform key height, key caps for key cap rearrangement I also Vortex low height and vicky style aluminum keyboard, I also use Vortex Vibe Keyboard with DSA replacement keycap from Aliexpress. I got key cap set with cheap but usable DSA and XDA keyset included with blank and various key size from aliexpress. and I orderd Mito XDA Canvas keyset after 1 years waiting, and I ordered Prenic keyboard. But my first atrractive keyset was Bares Miami Dolch DSA keycap set. But for a long time, this keycap set is not redropped. During my last 2 years, I got the missed stuff from redropped processing. I think this keycap set is my last massdrop ordered keycap set I hope Bares Miami Dolch DSA keycap set redropping in the near future.
Oct 6, 2018
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