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Massdrop x OLKB Planck Light Mechanical Keyboard

Massdrop x OLKB Planck Light Mechanical Keyboard

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Product Description
One of our most popular community-designed keyboards to date, the ortholinear 40% Planck Mechanical Keyboard is hailed for its unique layout, compact form factor, and build quality. Now it’s back with brand-new Kailh low-profile switches and bright RGB backlighting to make it pop off your desktop Read More

Customer Reviews

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Sep 9, 2018
checkVerified Buyer
Despite my skepticism, I was eventually sent, at no cost, a device for re-flashing my keyboard with re-programmable firmware. Although there was a major problem with all boards originally sent out, I'm frankly amazed that someone took the time to design and develop, order parts for, assemble, and pay to send out these reflashing devices to every person who ordered a Planck Light (even after they received poor reviews for this product). I can imagine them giving up most, if not all, profits by owning up to their oversight.
Although it took longer than expected, I can't help but give a good rating for what I once would have given a 1 star, very disappointed review for. I want to thank whoever put in so much work to fix this mistake, and express my appreciation. I would consider buying something from them again, only because of my surprise at their impressive communication and handling of this mistake.
Jun 20, 2018
checkVerified Buyer
This keyboard is a lot of fun. I highly recommend it. The keycaps and switches are pleasing to type on, it looks great, it's reprogrammable, and it's customize-able. It was also easy to assemble and well-packaged.
Be forewarned though: this is a toy, not a workhorse. It will get the job done for basic internet use, but it is an awful keyboard for programming. I'm sure dedication to this board alone could eventually pay off, but this is the Dark Souls of keyboards. You have to be a particular kind of masochist to enjoy it. That said, if you're reading this review, you just might be that kind of person.
Note on the keycaps: These keycaps don't include mod keys of the appropriate 1u size. You'll have to make do with some spare key that does fit but doesn't match the command (take a look at the pictures). I have white alphas and black mods. I used the leftover black alphas as mods and match them to the first letter of the corresponding mod key. For example, B is backspace and E is Enter. I definite improvement to this drop would be to include 1u mod keys.
Jun 22, 2018
I think it's up to your habit and your thought.
In my case, I don't use a numpad, I can type numbers faster than when I use numpad, because I enjoy typing like playing the piano with my both hands. I memorize all keys, I don't have to look my keyboard when typing, and I always put my index fingers on homing keys, that means my both hands stay on the middle of the keyboard most of the time typing, and that's the main reason I use small keyboards for programming.
So it was not that hard to get used to my hhkb, it took only one year to get my best wpm, but after 2-3 years of intense use, I can finally feel comfortable to use it. Arrow keys were the hardest part, when I misstyped something.
Planck, for 3 years is not enough to get my best wpm, now 80-90%. But I like using my planck, don't need to rush, I've been still experimenting some new layout every 6 months with this keyboard.
I can tell you one thing with certainty, if you want to practice a new-style keyboard, you must not touch other kinds of keyboards, switching between various keyboards too often, it will ruin your practice. If you try to stick to only one keyboard, that will make shorter time to adapt yourself to a new keyboard. But I know it's not easy to stick to only one keyboard for keyboard enthusiasts.
If you cannot enjoy your practice, you don't have to practice, the most important thing of this hobby, we have to enjoy ourselves with our keyboards.
One more thing to tell you, the reason I started to use small keyboards. When I was in the university studying computer engineering, I had to live in a dorm, and there was a tiny desk in my room. I got a big monitor and a big desktop at that time, so if I put my big text books on my desk, it was a nightmare. Now I have a huge desk, but still a big-size keyboard is not allowed on my desk even for only display. I like the beauty of full-size keyboards but waste of space, and low efficiency of use is intolerable. It's obvious, my personal experience and preference affected my choice before understanding how to use small keyboards.
Jun 24, 2018
adamSrgntJust wanted to add I like what you did with the extra letters being the mod and action keys like "c" for ctrl and "e" for enter. Very cool design.
Sep 5, 2018
checkVerified Buyer
Orange case, choc whites. A little dreamsicle.
TL;DR: The board is awesome, I was able to flash the bootloader before the device arrived from Massdrop, OLKB has been really responsive and helpful on reddit/discord, and I won't ever buy another keyboard I can't program myself.
I really like my planck light. I originally bought it on a lark… I've always admired the plancks and preonics but I thought it'd be too weird. Once I had soldered it together and flashed the bootloader (thanks to a friend with an ample supply of teensy boards to serve as an ISP flasher) I was off to the races. I started to try it out as a daily driver, and after a month I sold both of my 60% standard staggered boards and put in orders for more ortholinear boards.
I could write a lot about ortholinear and the pleasure of having a small 40% that's actually usable, I could write a lot about the cool features of the QMK firmware and how helpful the community is… but I think y'all are trying to decide whether to buy *this* board, so here's my $0.02.
Build quality: The case is solid. Even though there isn't a plate, there's no flex that I can detect. The choc whites that I have on it now are good, although they took a little getting used to after using MX clears for years. The box it came in is lovely with good instructions, and it came with both the black and white keycaps to cover the board (I bought the kit from last round.)
Form factor: This is a hidden bonus of this board… it's so flat that it works really quite well without a wrist wrest if your desk at a good height. I've also used it very happily sitting on top of my laptop keyboard as well. I'm in the process of building a couple MX ortho boards, but I think I may end up coming back to the choc switches because of just how low they are… it's very easy on the wrists.
At this point, like most of you, I'm pretty skeptical of MD's ability to deliver on time when it comes to keyboards. If however you want a fun, minimal project that is *very* typeable with minimal desktop real-estate… or you just want to get into ortholinear keyboards with something that feels solid and is easy to put together, this is a great option.
Sep 15, 2018
Switches arrived today. Supernice! Hopefully my studiomates are OK with the clickiness!
Sep 18, 2018
evantravers48 keys != 40%; great -> small; travel -> fare -> stroke
Aug 13, 2019
checkVerified Buyer
My favorite travel keyboard
I travel a lot, and I love using mechanical keyboards. This is the best travel keyboard I've ever owned. Please open this drop again!
Recommends this product? Yes
Jul 31, 2018
checkVerified Buyer
"We confirmed today that the Planck Light PCB's were not flashed properly at the manufacturer and they are arriving without the bootloader. This means your keyboard will arrive functional and usable, but without reprogramability."

Jul 30, 2018
checkVerified Buyer
Really wanted to love having this keyboard but sadly if I could rate this zero stars I would! I’ve asked for an update - but no response. Basically massdrop have non-existent customer service once they have shipped. There has been no update on the flashing kit that is vital in order for us to have a flashable keyboard, which is what was advertised. I would not recommend massdrop to anyone as a result of this. In fact where I have previously recommended the site, I am now sharing the poor after sales support I am receiving instead to discourage anyone else from experiencing this first hand. Massdrop you need to honour your customers with regular updates instead of remaining silent for 6 weeks! I want a refund as I have not received the product I paid for and also had to pay import duties & associated admin fees.
Jul 18, 2018
checkVerified Buyer
Delayed for PCB issues, sent without programming functionality, no communication on solution.
Jul 18, 2018
checkVerified Buyer
Deeply disappointing drop. Extremely poor communication. At this point I'd like weekly updates on the flashing kit that we are all waiting for, but based on past experience I'm not holding my breath. Boo
Jun 23, 2018
checkVerified Buyer
I think the keyboard is fantastic, but unfortunately let down by Massdrop's inability to manufacture and perform quality control. Not only was the bootloader not loaded, but it appears that there's an issue with the PCB manufacturing:
My FN key flat out doesn't work, and what's worse is it looks like there is a diode issue that's causing FN to fire all of the Col 0 keys (tab, shift, esc) and can really cause some weird stuff to happen on the board. Basically if you want an OLKB board (which I highly recommend), skip this Massdrop bullshit and buy it direct from them where they can control the manufacturing process. Every board I've bought that's been Massdrop manufactured has been riddled with delays and issues that they then won't support.
fuo213This isn't a diode issue - just a (relatively small) firmware one, and my fault. A fix will be available when you're able to reflash, but this key is only right shift by default, and not super useful.
Jun 28, 2018
jackhumbertHey Jack,
Thanks for replying here (and on my reddit thread). Like I've said elsewhere, I think it's a great board and this review is more reflective of my complete experience with Massdrop. The board (once programmable), will be a solid 5/5. What I will say is I think it would be a better move for your company to move away from Massdrop as a manufacturing partner, because this certainly isn't the first time that something like this has been riddled with issues.
Manufacture the boards through your own channels, and do the QC with your team. Then list the boards for immediate purchase on your site; it's such a better buying experience and also prevents these types of fires from ever cropping up!
Jul 13, 2018
checkVerified Buyer
Drop came late without the essential programming component...
Please send us a flashing kit ....
150 $ for keyboard not finish ....
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