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Mechcables Sakura Custom Coiled Aviator USB Cable

Mechcables Sakura Custom Coiled Aviator USB Cable

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Product Description
Nothing lightens up a keyboard like the color pink. If the pink in mind also comes with solid connective performance, that’s a perk too good to pass up Read More

Mar 15, 2021
looks different from what i own
Mar 3, 2021
I just bought this and I am excited to get it for my first customized keyboard. My husband is helping me build it and I had previously picked up the keys it is pictured with so I am VERY excited as I know exactly how it will look. We have two cords from Mechcables but we tried coiling one of them and it wouldn't work so I am glad this one comes pre-coiled.
Mar 2, 2021
I'm considering this for my keeb, but I had a random wonder on if it'd be compatible with other devices -- For example, if I had an elgato stream deck with a removable cord, could I swap that cord with this one?
Mar 1, 2021
is there a difference between this and designing your own on mechcables with the same colorways?
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