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Megalodon Sword Macropad

Megalodon Sword Macropad

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Product Description
Compact-format keyboards are great for saving desk space, but they tend to require compromises like losing a function row. Thankfully, the Megalodon Sword Macro Pad is here as your knight in keyboard armor to bring added functionality to your setup—whether you’re missing a function row or not Read More

Jul 6, 2023
For anyone looking, the keymap is available here under "Sword Keyboard" to make VIA work: Import it under design. Anything to do with changing the backlight doesn't seem to work for me, but I can reassign buttons. For newer versions of VIA you need to edit the file and change "0xFEED" to just "FEED" and "0x6060" to "6060"
Apr 8, 2023
If this keyboard had a second row, I’d be all over it. Butterstick with a knob? Yes, please!
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