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MelGeek Modern97 Mechanical Keyboard

MelGeek Modern97 Mechanical Keyboard

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Product Description
The Modern97 from Melgeek is a mechanical keyboard that aims to take design cues from the natural, organic world and bring them to a modern, high-end setup. Featuring a hybrid polycarbonate and ABS chassis with a speckled matte finish and a subtly transparent base in one of two styles (Ocean and Fountain), the outside of this keyboard flows nicely from top to bottom Read More

Oct 8, 2023
New here love the design do you think it's worth it?
Oct 31, 2023
AJGAMERXI bought the MelGeek Modern97 second hand in Akihabara yesterday for $70 and I couldn't be happier. The sound this keyboard produces stock is mind blowing and very satisfying. For a prebuild, it's almost surreal. I really like the design and color combination they used on the case and keycaps. I just wished the keycaps were PBT thought. One flaw for me is the absent of screws to open the keyboard. It's pretty hard to remove the outer shell. The reason behind this is probably due to costs as it's cheaper to produce this kind of clip in mechanism. Mine comes with Kailh Sonic53 and the sound is pretty thocky. The also linear Kailh Box Plastic that can be chosen in the oficial website give an even deeper sound. I might buy those and test them out. According to the official website, the battery fully loaded should give around 2,900 hours of working time (with BT, power saving mode on and RGB lights off)... that's 8 hours of daily use for more than a full year. Unfortunately, that's impossible. The battery probably lasts 290 hours which is still pretty good. I always use my keyboards wired so it's not that important for me but those numbers are impressive. Overall, I'm extremely impress with the Modern97 and will definitely become my daily driver for both, work and game.
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