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Mistel Barocco MD600 Mechanical Keyboard

Mistel Barocco MD600 Mechanical Keyboard

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Product Description
Sporting an unconventional design similar to the VE.A keyboard, the split Mistel Barocco MD600 mechanical keyboard was created to improve ergonomics and reduce discomfort. Split down the middle, as if an earthquake ripped it in two, the Barocco MD600 allows you to place each half wherever you want: Leave them together for a more traditional look, or spread them out to take some pressure off of your wrists and elbows Read More

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Dec 4, 2020
checkVerified Buyer
Excellent Split
For being available on the market at almost any time, this board is a great layout, even if caps are hard to come by.
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Feb 28, 2019
checkVerified Buyer
It was good but recently, I have a problem. It changes it's key settings itself(like if I press q, it generates t or colon or else. This problem can be fixed pressing fn+m(or < or >. sometimes this doesn't work). I don't know what's wrong with my keyboard:(
Oct 24, 2018
checkVerified Buyer
This thing is super nice and built like a tank. My nit-picks with the keyboard are small, but catch me every day. It's (mostly) a joy to use, and easily the most comfortable keyboard I've ever used.
Both my gripes are mentioned in other reviews. 1. I was unpleasantly surprised that there are no compatible spacebars in keycap sets or even available singly. It's annoying as frig that the keyboard has two black, round profile space bars when the rest of the board has a beautiful Yuri setup. 2. I knew going in that there weren't direction keys. I get by just fine using the FN button, but I'd prefer a 60% board with direction keys. It's frigging obnoxious to hit two keys instead of one when I need to navigate a document. I bought the board to type on, and it's become more serious over time... because the keyboard is so great in other ways, it's a huge flaw.
Nov 11, 2018
ThunderchickenYou can always set the right space bar as FN-key, your thumb and index will be at their natural position when hitting the spacebar and ijkl (arrow keys) VIM style, I find this more ergonomic than moving your entire right hand to the right to use the arrow keys in non-Vim style editors (not to mention home, end, and other keys)
Oct 17, 2018
checkVerified Buyer
This keyboard is my first split and my first 60%. I love it. I went we cherry browns and I love them. My previous mech was a full size with reds. It took a few days to get used to the split. I only struggled with the b key; I kept hitting n with my right hand instead. Other than that it is a dream. Read the directions carefully. Especially if you are changing things with LEDs. They are confusing at first but you get used to it. There are way more possibilities than I would have thought.
Build quality is nice. I do wish it had negative tilt though. Luckily my keyboard tray has that. I feel like while aluminum would be cool it is not necessary. I think the price point on this board makes is very desirable.
This is an interesting board for gaming. Normally my board lives in the keyboard tray. When gaming I put the left half on the desk and have a much more comfortable experience with mouse and half keyboard on the desk. it seems silly, but it was game changing. I have a "game" layer that I use for FPS games which makes things easier. My default has the left space as backspace. It is way easier to have a gaming layer to jump to when I need it with custom keys set. It is nice that each layer can have it's own LED profile. That way it can be very visually obvious what layer you are on. If you leave them the same the LED at the bottom is a good reminder as well. If you hate back lit LEDs is an option as well.
The lack of number pad is amazing. I love the ergonomics of having a mouse close to the board. I love the saved desk space. Some people need or think they need number pad. If you aren't sure, put a piece of paper over yours and see how much you reach for it in a week.
Another reviewer complained that there are no dedicated arrow keys; that is clear just by looking at a picture of this board. That is like complaining that the Volvo you bought isn't a Ferrari. It is nice you can swap the fn and caps lock keys this makes the arrow keys much easier to use. This can be done on a layer by layer basis.
I have used this with a mac and a windows machine and it works great with both. I have heard about issues with sleep/wake not working properly but haven't come across this problem. I think you just re plug it and it is good to go any way.
Oct 15, 2018
checkVerified Buyer
Hey guys, I've owned this kb for about 4-5 months now and it's really been the dream. To kind of give a preface about my use w/ the keyboard, I do use it a lot. I'm a researcher and a programmer and I've seen my typing speed go up alongside my level of comfort. The split is great, however the 6 being on the right instead of the left is a bit counter-intuitive and does take some straying from muscle memory for me personally.
============ MISSING KEYS ============ FN keys and all the others not included I don't really miss. To be honest, I've never seen the use/need for them with any keyboard I've owned (but that of course comes down to preference). Number-pad is really minor to me, I personally don't have an issue with using the number row.
=========== ARROW KEYS =========== So to give a heads up, the default (from what I remember) is FN + I/J/K/L (for up, left, down, right respectively). I say "from what I remember" because I personally use VIM directionals which follows an HJKL format. Those unfamiliar may find the default binding a bit strange, as did I. IF you are a programmer and are used to VIM, I would say that the directionals are your best (and the most convenient option).
============== CUSTOMIZATION ============== I have SA Carbons on this kb. Everything fits nicely EXCEPT, (and this really is my biggest "peeve" with this kb) the spacebar. As you can imagine, the spacebar is really awkward finding an SA replacement. The little height variation is not noticeable when typing, however physical texture and visual appearance is significant.
Hope this helps!
Oct 14, 2018
checkVerified Buyer
Good design, poor implementation. Plastic is flimsy and when both parts are together, they are not holding up well. There's also the issue of internal memory loss when after a while, the keyboard is no longer able to hold on to the settings.
Jun 30, 2018
checkVerified Buyer
Pros: It is a nice board, solid build. RGB? Cons: If you have the 22 keypad accessory, the Freeboard, you end up with lots of wires. RGB...
The layout is different than my poker 2 I am used to and It will take time to adapt to the change. I wish there was an aluminum version so I can get it to match my freeboard.
Jun 29, 2018
checkVerified Buyer
There are no dedicated arrow keys. It's possible to switch to a different "layer" and use them but the key combinations are not programmable and it's far more hassle than it's worth. It's too bad I didn't notice all of this beforehand because I do love the split design and wished I could use this.
Jun 29, 2018
checkVerified Buyer
Great little board! The build quality is top notch and I really enjoy the unique layout.
Jun 28, 2018
checkVerified Buyer
it's very nice keyboard and well build, but I didn't notice that it has no Fn keys (there are if you press Function+number), and there are no HOME and END, and no Arrows (again - you can have them with Function Keys + Letter, which is (for me) not very useful for programing. It's great that you can use it apart and attach it to one keyboard but there is no way to fix it in place so the part move little every time and you need to keep ordering it to your preference, I would really love some sort of track for it so it will slid and be in a fix place from each other. the lights are VERY cool and good effects and you must use a wrist pad to use it. I love that the cable between the parts is thick and in good quality but i think i could be smaller (or add another short cable).
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