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Mistel Barocco MD600 Mechanical Keyboard

Mistel Barocco MD600 Mechanical Keyboard

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Product Description
Sporting an unconventional design similar to the VE.A keyboard, the split Mistel Barocco MD600 mechanical keyboard was created to improve ergonomics and reduce discomfort. Split down the middle, as if an earthquake ripped it in two, the Barocco MD600 allows you to place each half wherever you want: Leave them together for a more traditional look, or spread them out to take some pressure off of your wrists and elbows Read More

@XiK Just noticed that the survey's drop link sends you to a different, inactive drop.
Oct 1, 2018
Does anyone knows how to reset only the keyboard colors (RBG Version) on a specific layer without resetting the whole keyboard? the PN + F4 / F5/ ESC don't work. I don't know how to reactivate the light again :( Thanks
Jul 21, 2018
Anybody's seen the MD650: I would prefer this one since I like the 82-kay 75% design...
Jul 6, 2018
I loved this keyboard but it broke on the night of a giant migration my team was doing (see: consecutive 17 hour days of sweating and anxiety). The column of XSW2 just stopped working. I've had other people I've known had this board stop working in various manners. I don't know if it's just unlucky but I would just like to throw up my caution. When it works it's fantastic. It feels amazing to have my spacebar as a FN key since I like using VIM motions in non-VIM environments.
However I wonder why boards like this keep making drops here since it is really is just the retail versions at a slight cost reduction.
Jul 5, 2018
honestly guys. the pricing is almost the same as the retail amount. Mistel sells it on amazon for about $155. They're lying about the $189.99 price tag.
Jul 3, 2018
This was my favorite keyboard for about a year until it sort of broke. It still works, but it doesn't remember any custom key assignments. The moment I disconnect it, all my customizations are lost. I contacted Mistel, but didn't hear anything from their customer support. It seems like they don't care much about customers outside of Asia.
Oct 24, 2018
alexzakYour spi flash is probably dead, you can replace it if you have some smd soldering skills, see my note at the end:
Jul 3, 2018
YOU MADE IT HAPPEN! This is one of the most requested options from the [New] Split Mechanical Keybaords poll created by tuckerchapin. Thanks to everyone who voted for making this drop possible.

38 out of 484 votes....
Mar 24, 2018
how would i get custom keycaps for this; saw the spacebar in half?
Jul 4, 2018
Good to know that this keyboard comes with good keycaps.
Jul 6, 2018
Brinks246The Mito Canvas drop had a custom cap option for weird spacebars. I got it for my incoming Z70 Pro I'm getting from InputClub. Though the only measurement I paid attention to was the 2.25u bar I wanted. But like others have said, you'll just have to keep your eyes open for custom drops or group buys with sets that offer sets of "weird" measurement caps.
Mar 23, 2018
How practical is this for gaming?
Jul 3, 2018
mythrilguyVery practical, in fact I prefer it to all my keyboards. Unless you need specific macro keys, I love it for FPS. I can tilt it so it's comfortable and gives me so much room for my enormous mousepad.
Jul 6, 2018
mythrilguyIt's just as good as any other keyboard EXCEPT for one detail. The ` key is replaced by ESC. I've hit ESC multiple times while trying to hit 1 in various games. You can re-map that key on one of the layers of course, but it's a gotcha if you haven't run into it before. Other than that, it's great for gaming in general because of the space saving you can get from it.
Edit - I should mention the ESC/tilde issue is across most 60% keyboards or rather, any keyboard without the F-key row. So no biggie, just a heads up.
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