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MOMOKA Frog Mechanical Switches

MOMOKA Frog Mechanical Switches

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Product Description
New to the mech keys scene, MOMOKA is making a grand entrance with its Frog mechanical switches. Made with Dupont material for the molding and SUS304 steel springs, these switches are stable and smooth Read More

I got some Frog switches and wanted to give my opinion on them. The housing is really tight. In terms of stem wobble, I think it has more wobble than the Gateron Yellow. The stock sound is really nice, there isn't any spring ping or scratchiness. I wish the switch was 5-pin though. Without any mods, it is a smooth switch. Using this switch as is definitely beats trying to lube and film something like a gateron yellow. The Flamingos and Yellows are heavier than Frogs. I really like the weight of the Frogs, make for a great daily driver. In terms of sound, Frogs with Cherry profile is "clacky". Frogs with XDA has nice, deep sound. DSA sounds quieter than the Cherry profile, and the sound signature is different (sound is hard to describe). Kind of like a "tick"
SO what is going on with the orders that were supposed to ship on June 3rd initially? 🤔 🤨
Jul 1, 2021
A month late and still no news?
Jul 7, 2021
TTERRORS34I canceled my order and ordered them a different vendor. Paid a few bucks more, but they showed up in about a week after ordering.
Apparently there was a delay? How long was that supposed to be?
Jul 1, 2021
Sabashave yall heard anything from drop yet?
Jul 2, 2021
NythrowWe got an update yesterday, saying the shipment will arrive at their warehouse mid-august, which is very far from the initial drop deadline (start of june). Better late than never I guess. I have no idea what those are as there are no specs offered. But if similar to this, $50.76 shipped free and no tax for 108pcs sounds good. EDIT: More information here: Upon further research, these are not necessarily comparable but I will leave this here just in case.
haha why?!
Aug 11, 2021
static.overdubhe is lying
Apr 2, 2021
Brand new, with nylon housing, POM stems, and pre-lubed? Yeah, sure I'll give it a try.
Apr 2, 2021
Which factory? TTC?
Apr 3, 2021
whatakeebAccording to the Q&A, this switch was in development for a year and not made by TTC, its being made by MOMOKA themselves.
Apr 1, 2021
These actually sound pretty good from the video samples. Interesting lube selection though.
Apr 1, 2021
anyone have a good video of what these sounds like?
Apr 2, 2021
They sound like a TTC switch (looks similar too) to me which is much closer to the high pitched hollow sound of a Kailh BOX.
Aug 11, 2021
j0hnnyHaving used these for my Mods, I can give one personal experience of this switch definitely NOT being a high-poppy sound once actually mounted in a board. Used as my backspace with both screw-in and plate-mount stabs, it sound SUPER deep, soft and more "Schocky" if you know what I mean. I personally think it's the greatest sounding big-mod linear if you like deep, thocky sounds. **But also keep in mind, I DID add a bit of additional 205G0 to the stem rails and bottom housings, as the stock lubing only left a light oily sheen on the springs and stem pole, but pretty consistently among the 40-50 I took apart, so that's nice. I also ended up spring swapping them for a much higher ~70g spring from an Ink Black, or an H1 (can't remember which atm, sorry), as I prefer heavier mods (especially Backspace & Enter). Both of this contributed to the sound I ended up with I'm sure, even considering the factory lube job. My alphas are the exact opposite sound as they are the SUPER light and poppy sounding KTT Kang Whites, swapped with the KTT 3-stage springs. So yeah, I can attest to them definitely not sounding like KTT Roses' higher/small sound signature.
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