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Moon Key Eagle Has Landed Artisan Keycap

Moon Key Eagle Has Landed Artisan Keycap

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Product Description
Commemorating the most iconic moments from last century’s space race, Moon Key has created a line of artisan keycaps with lunar appeal. First up is the Eagle Has Landed keycap, which showcases a lone astronaut standing next to an American flag on the lunar surface Read More

Damn I missed these, I thought setting a reminder on drop would email me but I guess not. For everyone talking about moon dust, it's not comparable in the sense that these are representative of real life spaceflight accomplishments for space nerds like me while moondust is a guy with a vacuum. Pretty sure neil and buzz didn't bring a vacuum to the moon.
esoteridactylThey're back for sale now!
LukasMI’m so excited!
Jun 13, 2021
These look low quality overall. I have dwarf factory moon dust and that shiz is miles nicer.
Yaderb11Thanks for your feedback!
Jun 12, 2021
Sorry but that price for that quality is literally a scam. Compare this to Dwarf Factory’s Moondust and bruh like rly? I get that u want to be as greedy as possible since most people don’t know any better about the cost, but putting the price higher than the Moondust which had better Quality overall is a scam. Don’t buy , wait for Dwarfs 44€ DOM Moondust Caps.
I understand your logic and comparing two similar products based on their price point, but different makers have their own techniques and style for making keycaps. If you do not see the value or quality in the product, there is no need to verbally use negative words such as "scam" or greedy". At the end of the day, our vendors put a lot of work into their products and it also takes me quite some time to set up new caps for the community to see. Feedback similar to your comments makes the job more difficult and discouraging. The price for artisans, keyboards, switches, etc all vary depending on the material and cost of work put into each product. If you do not agree, you are not obligated to purchase them.
Jun 15, 2021
SpencerLFirst of all I already corrected the Statement about this being not a Scam in a "non verbally use of negative words" way with Antlions Comment. Also its really petty how you only Thank people for their Input if its positiv. Thats just disingenuous since I contributed more than anyone in this Thread. You should change that. Second I would like to go in depth to why i think this price is unreasonable. You say its all due to the Material and cost of work that different Manufactureres  have. Thats just bullshit for Epoxy Resin Keycaps. There is no "High Quality" Epoxy Resin, at least not to my Knowledge its the same Composition in every Resin: (Acrylic acid) , (Epichlorohydrin), (Bisphenol A) The Margin of the Resin is very close so there is not a high expense its the same, unlike the Margin for this Keycap. The Machines they might be using are a Pressure Pot or a Vacuum Chamber also very common and not expensiv if u use them in the long run. They did not use a 3D Resin Printer(which would be expensive in comparison to the Rest) to make the Models inside the Resin everyone can see that so its down to Handwork/ Manuel Labor. This takes me back to comparing the two Keycaps down to their individuel Design. Which Clearly is better at Dwarf Factory Moondust: Compare it to this: I am not even saying people shouldnt buy this Keycap. I am just saying they should not for this price (49$). If people pay for that Level of Quality that much it will give the vendor reason to keep up with this level of "bad Quality" since its cheap to produce and they still claim the High Price. Apparently they sell this Keycaps everywhere on ETSY or Amazon as some people have reported so its not even exclusive or rare in any way. Its a Massproduct in my Opinion unlike Dwarfs Factory Keycaps which are difficult to find outside the actual vendors. Your Comment seems rly shallow by not stating in which way the "Techniques and Style" or "the material and cost of work put into each product" actually effect the price? I would like to know that too. Since you sound confident about it. At last I want to Apologize if in any way or form I made your " job more difficult and discouraging" by stating my Opinion. It was never my Intention i didnt even know how this worked before until i checked your profile. So again ma bad no Harm intended. I get that you try to protect the vendor and his Product. But at the same time i am doing the same for people who want to get into this Hobby and dont have alot of experience and probably money. So if my Comment turns peoples Interest into the right direction whats wrong about that? Comments, Threads and Reviews are supposed to be positive and negative. I may only be stating the negatives which is not fair i agree , but since there is no one stating anything positiv i guess most people agree with my Point. Thanks for reading it if you made it this far. ^^
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