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Stack Overflow The Key Macropad

Stack Overflow The Key Macropad

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Product Description
Some say a programmer’s best solution is a simple two-step process: copy and paste. On April 1st, 2021, Stack Overflow proved it Read More

Sep 27, 2021
Hey everyone, we're so excited to announce our latest collaboration with Stack Overflow to bring to you: The Key. Here's a quick rundown of the media behind this product if you feel like reliving April 1, 2021. 1) Stack Overflow announced the fake release of the product, the date was cleverly set to March 31st, 2021 to throw readers off the scent! 2) Cassidoo produced this brief video posted to Stack Overflow's twitter account garnering over 500k views. 3) With tons of interest, Stack Overflow followed up by posting this blog post with a deep dive on typical copy/paste behavior that occurs on their site. Behind the scenes we helped provide initial prototypes of The Key and have since designed and manufactured the PCB to get this from gag prototype to a fully operational product. We hope that you enjoy this piece of creative silliness and consider grabbing one before they're all gone. Sales begin on Sep 28th at 10am PT. edit/add: we only have 2000 of these in stock. Chances are we will be sold out very soon.
Jul 21, 2023
18 hours ago (July 20th 2023) I received an email saying The Key V1 was available again. I see it this morning and come here and it says "Sold Out"! Was it sold out overnight? Or was this an error from Drop? Sold out in 18 hours? Really? :o
Aug 24, 2022
Has anyone succeded in making The Key (v1) Vial-compatible? v2 has already been converted but can't find the same for v1. Any help? I'm studying the files (config.h,, vial.json, etc.) but to be honest, I'm afraid to brick it. XD
Jan 5, 2022
I have one of these now, is there any way I can change out the keys? Apologies, I know nothing about Mechanical keyboards. I flashed the keyboard firmware to run some macro's, so I'd like to put some cool keys on it. Can I take the keys off? How and what keys are compatible
vincentfYep just pull the keycap off with a keycap puller (or really your fingers for these, should be easy). You can swap for really any of the keys we are selling on the site now (including artisan keycaps) you just gotta make sure the keys are MX-mount compatible. Most should be.
Hello everyone, I have recompiled the firmware for this macropad to make it Via/Vial compatible. I can also provide the source files if you would like to compile yourself.
Aug 26, 2022
Thanks! I flashed the V1 and works excellent. Thanks for the code!
AristarcoNo problem, I do not have a new version.
Oct 12, 2021
Oct 12, 2021
The shipping price is killing it. $29 + $15 = $44 when shipped to EU This makes no sense except for collector purchases.
Oct 11, 2021
Do you also have these with a W and Y for Emacs users? (SCNR)
Oct 5, 2021
So $2.50 of every $29 sale goes to the charity?
Oct 2, 2021
i'm not able to flash firmware to it using the provided instructions. I am not seeing the line with "Atme DFU device connected" when i press the flash button on the PCB. Is anyone else having this issue?
Oct 4, 2021
hello. I solved the issue. I had to reboot my computer since my Windows computer wasn't properly recognizing the macropad despite making USB device connected/disconnected sounds
rl007Cool, glad you got it fixed!
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