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Tai-Hao Rainbow Sherbet Backlit Keycaps (CTRL/ALT)

Tai-Hao Rainbow Sherbet Backlit Keycaps (CTRL/ALT)

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Product Description
Give your CTRL or ALT mechanical keyboard a colorful upgrade with a set of Tai-Hao’s Rainbow Sherbet backlit keycaps. Spanning greens, pink, purple, and more, this eye-catching set is designed specifically for our flagship CTRL and ALT keyboards Read More

Oct 24, 2019
I just received mine. The space bar key is visibly not straight and due to this it is not bouncing back properly. Is it possible to get a replacement?
Oct 27, 2019
z-m-kIf you haven't already, directly contact their customer support. They'll take care of you. They may not catch this post, however.
Oct 17, 2019
Please bring back SOON!!!
Oct 12, 2019
I got a bumpy yellow number 7 in the box as well... can anyone tell me why this is significant? Or rather it's purpose? Just out of curiosity...
Got mine yesterday. Still might get a new board for them, but put them on my Anne Pro 2 for the time being. Liking them so far. The bottom row is a little smoother texture than the rest of them, but not in a bad way.
Oct 8, 2019
Just got it delivered and installed. Tasty looks and feel. Love it. If you have a privilege to own ALT (my fav keyboard hands down) this fits like a glove and give it a very high end typing experience. Very well made caps. My brown switches have a new life. Well done Tao. You got yourself another follower. Kudos to Drop on timely delivery. (Never expected to say that)
I'm so excited for these! I can't wait for them. I have a Ducky Miya Pro in purple on the way for them.
Sep 10, 2019
SchnibsThe right shift key is definitely not going to fit on a ducky
noratoI ordered the ctrl set, not the alt.
Aug 28, 2019
Can they sell the stock alt and ctrl key caps please???
A community member
Aug 28, 2019
Tai-Hao are you also considering making a rainbow keycaps set on the drop's shift keyboard? Edit: I just got a reply and the reply gone missing for some reason anyways thanks for the reply:)
Aug 30, 2019
Replied your message with my personal account logged in by mistake. Deleted it when I noticed my mistake. Anyway it's good you still got our reply. :)
Aug 26, 2019
Does the Ctrl set come with a 1.75u shift key I have both the alt and Ctrl
Aug 27, 2019
BrahampNo. The Ctrl set comes with 2.25u & 2.75u shift. 100% consistent with the Ctrl keyboard you have there. By the way it looks pretty weird if you try to use Ctrl set on the Alt keyboard. The color pattern will be in a mess when you do this, meanwhile the height of Home, Page Up and Page Down will also be different compared with other keys in same row.
Wouldn't the ctrl set fit most any 60% or TKL board that uses smd LEDs? What am I missing 🤔
Aug 26, 2019
SchnibsIf your keyboard is not with any non-standard keys, if a standard 104-key ANSI layout keycap set can fit your keyboard well, you can get CTRL set without problems.
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