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Earphones from TFZ’s Live series have earned solid reviews from audiophiles, thanks to realistic sound and reliable performance. Taking the series to new heights, TFZ has launched the Live X—and this one is going for the gold Read More

Dec 10, 2020
I understood why they put diamond/carbon composites on their drivers before. High hardness to weight ratio which makes sense, reduces driver flex etc but gold doesn't make any sense. The diaphragm of the driver doesn't need to be conductive as that is the coils job and if they wanted the driver to be more conductive, gold actually isn't that conductive compared with things like silver or copper. It's also fairly dense which I think if anything would hurt the transient response/speed (even if it's only a little, why not just leave the gold off?) and you can't argue that it's for structural reasons as gold is extremely malleable which translates to horrid rigidity where the original Mylar/polymer that they have would probably just fine. The only thing that gold is quite good at is multitasking corrosion resistance and conductivity at the same time. It does also look pretty in moderation but function over form. BTW I'm not saying that it's going to sound bad, I'm just saying that the marketing doesn't make any sense unless you are new to the hobby or have yet to learn. The gold could be benefiting the driver some other way I haven't thought of or it could just be so little that it doesn't actually do anything noticeably negative but as far as I can see, it's not a plus.
Jan 16, 2021
I agree as well, however, will it also be used as well for a phone???
Jan 16, 2021
CCB605Sorry I dont understand what you mean
Dec 9, 2020
Stylish udiophile jewelry for the masses. Matches your gold necklaces, watches, and rings, bro.
Dec 9, 2020 shizzle
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