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XD002 Hot-Swappable 2-Key Aluminum Macropad

XD002 Hot-Swappable 2-Key Aluminum Macropad

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Product Description
Maybe you don’t need a full macro pad, or maybe the appeal of a tiny one is just too much to pass up. This mini two-key macro pad won’t make a big footprint on your desktop, but it can have a huge impact Read More

Jan 10, 2020
Would've wished that in anywhere in the description drop would have mentioned that this isn't compatible with basically anything except a PC (no mac or linux support with the software), no QMK even! Trying to get a signal on the pins out to see if it can be used to trigger micro-controllers instead.
Feb 17, 2020
thebrownmysteryWell shit. I bought this a while back and was just now sitting down to program it. Being that the XD004 is in QMK I just assumed this was too. Hmmm...
May 28, 2020
givemeyourshoesIt does support QMK  qmk_firmware % qmk compile -kb xd002 -km default
Ψ Compiling keymap with make xd002:default

QMK Firmware 0.8.110
Making xd002 with keymap default There's even a new multi-layer keymap with a pull request:
Dec 14, 2019
Seems good for osu
Dec 2, 2019
Seems useful for runescape
Nov 28, 2019
I just want this to click on when I'm stuck in traffic.
Nov 27, 2019
$20 for 2 keys and a micro-b connector? nty
Nov 27, 2019
It seems as though the consensus is that these are garbage, so I'll recommend getting Thnikk keypads instead, they're really nice (I have two).
Nov 27, 2019
i have the 4 button version, purchased here. bad screws and unclear instructions, but eventually I managed to program it as a volume up, volume down, play/pause and the last button as fn for doing previous/next track with the previous buttons. Nice toy but honestly it's a mess to flash it. I had many issues with chrome and the required extension.
Nov 18, 2019
Beware of this keypad if you need more function than vol up/down or simple cut/paste keys.
  1. You cannot define your own macros. There are a few simple predefined ones (ctrl-c, ctrl-v)
  2. Although it is possible to assign a 'print' function to a key (to write simple text output), you can assign only one(!) text to the whole keypad. It is not possible to use different texts on the two keys!!!
  3. You will need hours trying to understand how configuring is done. Never ever saw a worse software.
Nov 27, 2019
To use the software you should know some principles:
  • The software is some 'demo' code, patched and cobbled together from a complete layman for some basic functionality on three different keypads. As it will not recognize your keypad type, you have to 'load' your type first.
  • The software is not able to load/show the 'matrix' from the keypad. You can only save the actual 'matrix'.
  • There is only one 'printBox' text that is shared among all keys and has to be saved with a separate menu item. (Correct me please if I am wrong.)
To program the keys, do the following:
  1. Select the XD002 keypad type with 'Keyboard->XD002'
  2. Click on the square field below the keypad drawing of the key you want to change (remember the shown keys are not the one programmed!) The square will be highlighted red with some random key.
  3. Then you can select in the grid below a key that should be assigned. Notice the macro keys at the bottom.
  4. Repeat with the second key. Remember - if you click back to the first key, you will not see the assigned key below in the grid - you can see the selected keys in the square boxes only and only after you have set them in the current session.
  5. Do some stuff with LEDs. You can select some color in the smaller squares below the other squares.
  6. You might want to switch them off or switch the rainbow on - do this in the menu above (RGB). However - I only switched them off. So I do not have much experience with them.
  7. Now you want to 'Matrix->Upload Matrix'
  8. If you want to use the 'printBox' function, write some text to the leftmost text box. After that, you have to call the menu 'printer->upload with unicode' You have to assign the 'print' key (128) separately to one (or two ;) keys.
Jul 24, 2019
Just why it still Micro USB? Okay, hope u guys will make the next version with USB-C
Jul 23, 2019
Also what does it mean to support GMK?
Jan 15, 2020
NateSealIf you mean QMK, it's means that you can change what the keys do (with basically endless possibilities) using what I understand is a standard across anything QMK compatible. They also have an online tool for designing layouts of popular keyboards if you don't know how to code, where you can design compile download and flash firmware to the device. Basically it seems like this thing has software to flash it's firmware that is only compatible with it, and is very limiting compared to QMK. (it doesn't seem to support macros beyond Ctrl+c and Ctrl+v.)
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