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XD60 / XD64 Custom Mechanical Keyboard Kit

XD60 / XD64 Custom Mechanical Keyboard Kit

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Product Description
Build your own compact mechanical keyboard with this kit comprising a case, plate, PCB, screws, and USB cable. The case is made from a block of solid aluminum weighing nearly 3 pounds when fully assembled Read More

Apr 23, 2019
Any plan for comming back?
Mar 25, 2019
Hello, I was wondering what are the specs of the add-on LEDs? I didn't buy them at the time, and I wanted to get my hands on some. Also, I was wondering if we use a plate for the keyboard, does it mean we need to unsolder all the switches, then remove the plate in order to solder in the LEDs? Thanks very much
Feb 3, 2019
Please drop this soon.
Aug 20, 2018
Is this drop ever gonna come back?
Aug 1, 2018
If anyone here is interested in buying the case on its own, let me know.
Sep 14, 2018
xNKatxHey! Do you still have that case?
Sep 14, 2018
MaxffSold it already, sorry!
May 19, 2018
how can you tell which default layout (between 2.0u shift or 2.25u shift ) for the pcb did you get, just in case you got the wrong plate and the reboot button is broken that prevents you from flashing
if anyone is looking to sell the case lmk
Mar 7, 2018
Received the kit a few weeks ago. Got the wrong plate, but I built the keyboard without the plate, so it didn't matter that much. I told massdrop about this, and they gladly gave me a partial refund.
To be honest, after using the WhiteFox for so long, I really don't like this key layout. The Rshift key being a 1x has repeatedly thrown me off. Also the lack of different modifier keycaps that are actually useful to this set (such as including a 1.5 backspace) are not there, so I just ghetto pieced everything together. Of course, this could be solved by simply just buying new ones.
I really like the case lighting, I wish it was a no-slant case
Programming was fairly straight forward once I figured out all the pieces. There's still a strange bug where the FN key will toggle and never untoggle until I restart the keyboard. (even though I set this key to be a "hold" key and not toggle...).
I built this with Mod-M's and they feel nice.
I'm using this as a backup keyboard for now. Probably will (try) to sell in the future to make another 75 keyboard.
Feb 25, 2018
Any body still have a Left Shift 2.25U plate that want to swap? Massdrop shipped mine wrong too and got the replacement wrong as well.
A community member
Apr 6, 2019
Hi, do you still have the 2.25U plate? Never got around to building this thing until now and they sent me the wrong plate as well...
Apr 6, 2019
I wound up throwing mine away in frustration.
Jan 21, 2018
Got this set a few weeks ago and put it together shortly after. Love the keyboard so much (it's my main keyboard I use at home now), but I've had many issues from the moment I've opened it until now.
First, I kind of expected this to happen: I got the wrong plate. I ordered the 2.25 U left shift plate and got the 2 U plate. This wouldn't have bothered me much, but the keycap set that I used for the keyboard (GMK Yuri) does not have a 2 U left shift, so I had to get a shift from a different keycap set of mine. It looks a bit odd, but problem solved at least.
Second, the keyboard is preventing my computer from booting. If the keyboard is plugged in and I boot my pc, the screen hangs at the motherboard screen and nothing happens. This is NOT an issue with my pc, since my pc boots when other keyboards are plugged in and even when nothing is plugged in. I've found a somewhat strange workaround to this though. If the keyboard's underglow LED's are OFF and I turn them ON while at this screen, my pc boots normally. If anyone has this problem and/or has a solution to this problem, please let me know; it's really irritating (I've tried changing various MoBo settings, but none have worked).
Finally, I'm having issues with the underglow LEDs. If the LEDs are on and I turn my pc off, they stay on. This isn't much of an issue, but if there is a way to turn them off when I turn my pc off, I'd like to know. However, there's one big issue: if the underglow LEDs are OFF and I turn my pc off, one of the underglow LEDs (the left most one) will turn on and stay on. The only way to fix this is to unplug the keyboard and plug it back in. This is really annoying to do. If anyone knows why this is happening or how to fix it, please let me know.
I understand these are small, petty issues, but these aren't issues that should occur when you spend so much money on something, especially something like a keyboard. Additionally, the temporary solutions to this are annoying, since no other keyboard does this to my computer. Please help me with my issues if you know solutions. I can provide more information if needed. Thanks for reading!
Jan 30, 2018
RacistGiraffeI too get the booting issue, where the system keeps trying to boot to the keyboard and hangs at the POST screen. Unplugging and replugging it seems to fix it. Checked BIOS settings, it's not listed as a bootable device so not sure what's up with that.
However with the LEDs staying on with the computer shut down, this is an issue with Fast Boot. If Fast Boot is enabled, the computer will still provide power to the keyboard underglow and keep it lit. Turned off, it goes out when shut down as expected.
Jan 30, 2018
JTastensenHey, thanks for the reply! I'm glad that I'm not the only one with these problems. I'm currently not home so I can't test the fastboot issue right now. I'll be sure to try it out though.
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