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Massdrop Testing Local Shipping in European Union


This is a test.
Hey everyone, We’ve been paying close attention to all of you who have discussed our current shipping experience in different parts of the world, particularly in Europe.
Today,  we’re kicking off a new shipping method test in European Union countries, so we can better evaluate how we can improve this experience for members located in these markets. Select audio products will be available to ship from our test warehouse in Europe with delivery expected within 5 business days. Most will arrive at your door with no post office pickup, though some exclusions apply, depending on your address. All prices in this test have been adjusted to include VAT, shipping and handling, and will be in USD. Quantities are very limited so don’t delay. Once quantities have sold out, we will be evaluating the success of the shipping test, and will move forward either with the new prices that include VAT, shipping and handling (based on USD pricing), or revert to the original pricing structure. PLEASE NOTE: The products in this collection have been specifically set up for this shipping method. These are:

Here are some answers to some possible questions you might have:

What is VAT? Simply put, “Value added tax” or VAT is an indirect tax, which is imposed on goods and services at each stage of production, starting from raw materials to final product. It is applied in EU countries. Why am I being charged in USD instead of Euros? As this is a test, our system isn’t currently set up to properly support other currencies. This will not be part of a permanent solution. What happens if there’s a problem with my order? If you have an issue with your product or order, the process will be the same as with our other products. You can enter a ticket with our support team ( and they’ll be able to help you out. Why no Sennheiser products? We've chosen to roll out European distribution as quickly as possible, so our logistics and supplier coordination is still getting ironed out. We hope to eventually have everything available for European distribution, but it will be a gradual process. At this time, we have no ETA on when our Massdrop x Sennheiser products will be available via this new shipping method. What happens next? Indeed, this is a test, but we want this to lead to a more permanent solution in giving members living in Europe a better overall experience and meet the demand of our products in this and other markets. We will be evaluating the success of this test in real-time in the hopes of deploying this shipping method immediately in an official capacity. We will keep you posted on how this rollout may happen and which products beyond those in this test will be supported.
European Audiophile Collection
Disclaimer: The products in this collection have been specifically set up for this shipping method.

We appreciate your support and welcome your feedback with this experience.
Good or bad, we want to hear it all so let us know what you think.
Thank you all for being a part of the Massdrop Community.

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cwu137, Yuu Ryu, and 215 others

Please offer the MASSDROP X MRSPEAKERS ETHER CX CLOSED HEADPHONES through Local Shipping in the European Union
What happened to those updates we were suppose to get. Under What happens next? we not had anything for a while now.
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Not sure if the THX will be a part of the next test, but if any of you think we're not trying to make as many of those as we can as soon as we can you're crazy haha. Will have to keep you separately updated on that one.
is there an exact day when we should stay tuned? Because it's like a month that I'm waiting for it...
For your consideration: Massdrop/Drop made.
Would like this to be available in Europe too.
Great, Lots of products go from EU to US, let EU people get that stuff too. I'm waiting for Sennheiser 6XX :)
Isn't everyone?
The THX AAA 789, HD 6XX and HD 58X are the audio essentials IMO. BTW are these prices final or will they decrease?
I guess they will increase it
@Drop risp
the test is finished..and now?
When we can know the future of Massdrop Europe? :)
When can we except some info on how it all went 😊 all EU drops are sold out and we need some new ones, perhaps the sennheiser 58x you have on drop in the states
MASSDROP X AKG K7XX RED EDITION (EU) 29 and it was sold out ??? :)
Oh, crap... Now I'll spend a lot more money than I want to..
Same here :D
Please,i'd like to see photographic products
it all depends on the prices, alot of the stuff that I see on massdrop if they were even in pounds would be a decent deal and I would most likely spend way too much money on here. Would of loved to buy the HD6XX but don't wanna have to mess around with everything and the extra costs.
Tbh the HD6XX are sold at an extraordinarily low price, even if you pay additional customs tax. At that price point there is just no competing product worth considering.
Really hoping you add the Focal Elex
why can i not post in this discussion using my registered user name i keep getting prompted to create one when already signed in...??? this is 'mrsim' by the way
Please add more products! :)
i'm agree! i'd like to see photographic products
I'm glad to see this. I hope it's successful and you bring it to the Mechanical Keyboard community too.
please add the BD 177x Go - I joined the drop this morning and would be so happy! I´m from Munich and already have a DT1990, Sennheier 58x, DT 770 80 Ohm, Tin t2 Pros+ T3 - but was not striked from den original 1770 SQ. Now that my search for closed backs is stopped, I would love to save the additional costs for a product that is made in germany, shipped to us and back - haha! If not - I sty in the drop - would be just nice :)
Is this only for massdrop exclusive products? Hoping for Emu Rosewood headphones.
I'v been waiting for this since 2014.This is the best news of 2019,thank you Massdrop!
Please add Norway to your EU shipping! ;-)
I've had my 4XX's for about a week now, and honestly i'm mindblown! I love the clear highs and planar bass, and everything just seems so chill about these headphones, but in a good way. Please, please, please MD, keep this EU department! European drops on the 58X, 6XX and Elex could even cut some costs, since the product doesn't have to leave EU. This could possibly also give you some new collaboration options - rumours say that a Beyer collab is on the way, but Ollo Audio and B&O could be worth looking at ;-)
So happy with the o2+sdac, at no additonal charges! And even more important great sound! One tip, pls include also EU powerplug adapters. Isn't the biggest problem in the world as you can buy them for zippo, it's just abit of better customer service. And this is no complaint, just a tip. Pls continue!
And btw, delivery was extremely quick, just couple of days! Compared with the 2 weeks wating for the Meze Dark Noir a relieve! Go for it massdrop
I have been lurking from the European shadows for a couple years now. Looking at all the goodies I would have to pay so much more for. So first, thanks so much for making these tests possible! And it couldn't have come at a better time either. After having collected my surround gear, I am currently in the market for a great headphone. I have PMC speakers so I really enjoy the neutral sound with just that tad of umph. I went to audition the MrSpeakers Aeon Flow closed and was missing exactly that, that little umph when the drum hits (together with a lot of people it seems looking through the fora). In comes this gorgeous MDxMrSpeakers ether cx closed. It seems to have everything I want and more. I have been seriously considering just risking it with the import taxes and shelling it out. However, seeing these tests, I though potentially avoiding 300 euros in taxes would be worth asking if there is any chance that this headphone would be included in these tests anytime soon? I know all the europeans are yelling out their favourite gear at you guys and that you can't perform miracles but I thought it couldn't hurt to ask. Anyways thanks so much for this guys!
This is the best news for us Europeans. Not for the discounted products, but for the Massdrop exclusives! I hope such products will be available soon too... I know this is a test, but it was so anticipated that I would be driven mad if it doesn't develop any further.
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Yes, absolutely, and the update on this is that there isn't really an update. We've added this^ EU shipping method to the Drop + NuForce Move IEMS and the SHIFT keyboard, but we haven't yet laid out plans for more audio, mech keys, or other products yet though we are still working this out. Sorry I missed your last message before that (whoops)! The Sennheiser products are definitely their own beasts, but we'd love to work something out here obviously. Think you might be well on your vacation before we do sadly..
Oh, shoot! Well, some update is better than no update. Even if that update is that there's no update. I guess I'm going to have to keep those 220 Euros saved in my bank account :/.
Really hope this test will succeed, a stable MD EU department would be hugely appreciated.
So, just to confirm; if I buy one of these test products, I won't be paying extra once they arrive (to Customs), and the price I see on the site (in USD) is the price I pay, and then I get the goods?
I believe so. If you notice, there is an actual price difference between the same products offering from the American MD to the European MD. I suppose the higher prices for European MD are for the extra tax. Side note about pricing in Europe (in general, not just MD): Seems that for some reason Europeans always get "Decked in the Schnoz" when it comes to pricing under the claim of "Because European tax". But... why does this even happen with products made in Europe? Why does a Sennheiser, or a Focal, or actually any product made in Europe gets sold... say 500 in Europe but just $500 in America? With currency difference, say in 500 price point, it is already ~$60 more expensive than the same offering in America. Now people will say some USD prices not include local tax but even if they don't how are they sold for cheaper? America has no import taxes? i know it does... When the situation is reversed and here in Europe you want to buy an American made product, you pay more, much, much more, up the wazoo! A $1200 product gets sold here for 1400 ($1580). WHY are we being Shtooped so hard here in Europe? Material to think about :)
Yeah the prices will contain a VAT for EU so anything you'll by will be exactly what you see, that is required by law. Every product you see from america doesn't have any form of tax applied. That also explain most of the difference between US and EU prices. As once you apply VAT to the equivalent EURO price there is only about ~10% price hick in EU vs USA, that would probably be explained by bigger tariffs then in the US and other birocratical stuff. All in all I would say I would say it is not as bad as it was 5 or 10 years ago and now the local VAT in your country is the main problem if it is on the higher side.
This is brilliant. Especially since a lot of this stuff is either produced in the EU or can be imported directly, instead of double import taxation. And the fact you calculate the sales tax into the price! I swear I will never understand how Americans can cope with the price on the label and the price they pay being different!