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Beyerdynamic MMX 300 Premium Gaming Headset

Beyerdynamic MMX 300 Premium Gaming Headset

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Product Description
There are few names that command as much respect in the audiophile space as Beyerdynamic—and the MMX 300 Premium Gaming Headset brings that same pedigree to the competitive eSports landscape. Inside each earcup, you’ll find the same world-class dynamic drivers that power much of Beyerdynamic’s studio lineup—and thanks to 32 ohms of impedance and a super-wide frequency response curve, there will be plenty of detail, clarity, and headroom for your gaming setup Read More

Nov 27, 2022
Had this headset for a little over a year now and its been amaizing. Only down side is the clamping pressure is too much for my big head, the included pads are very thin and provide zero comfort. I could not wear them for more than 20 min. Dekoni pads were a must for me. This was an additional $40 to the already pricy gaming headset but it was worth it in the end.
Attractive package.
Oct 6, 2022
Gaming Headsets in general suffer from a far from perfect reputation, and in most cases justified. The MMX300's however should never be put into the same bracket. The drivers inside are of a high quality, and do not suffer from taxation of the ears. They can step between different audio sources at a breeze. Movies, Games, Music are all clear, with just the right amount of bass, and clarity at the top end. If you have listened to the 770 Pro's then you know what to expect. The Microphone is the reason people buy these headphones for professional gaming, and all round online chatting. As boom mic's go its right up there with the very best. Once again the human voice is depicted in it natural form. My only comment would be, if you are buying these, then do them justice by using them with an Amplifier. I use mine with an Astro Mixamp Pro, and they compliment each other perfectly. I am a Flight Simmer, and use mine for online ATC with Vatsim. They are the very best you can use for this service in my opinion.
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