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Chane A1.4 Speakers

Chane A1.4 Speakers

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An upgrade of Chane’s acclaimed A1rx-c speaker, which CNET called “almost too good to be true,” the A1.4 delivers a bigger, clearer, and more dynamic sound that just about any other speaker in its class. How does it do it? Read More

Feb 10, 2019
Any plan to bring this back? Really want to get another pair of these !
Jan 13, 2019
Massdrop & Jon Lane @Chane - definitely a buyer here if you bring these back. Also need a small tight sub. Cheers
Dec 28, 2018
I've had these exact speakers on stands in a 2.2 setup for over a year now. Absolutely love them. Plan on upgrading the system to a 3.2 setup with an A2.4 one day. Do yourself a favor and pass on the soundbar and boxed surround setup.
Dec 28, 2018
I am currently overseas and moving back to the states mid-2019 or I'd jump all over these. I have a A2s, A3s, and A5s from Arx/John Lane/Chane, and we love them. They are primarily used for HT powered by a big Onkyo AVR. Their musical performance on complex music is excellent and stomps on previous monitors we had at this same price point (from Yamaha, Klipsch and JBL, and if we go waaay back - Boston Acoustics). I was tempted to go Magnepan or Martin Logan but you can't beat the sound of these for the $. I'd say the closest we got on price/performance above these would be Golden Ears or Paradigm (much different sound on the latter). These are fairly fast and tight speakers. We paired them with a PSA v1801 sub and sub room correction (we were using full room EQ + subEQ, when we had a house). The net result was fantastic. Highly recommend and will get more of these again.
Dec 25, 2018
Listen to "Graveyard" by mccafferty sounds like front bottoms they;re the shizz yw <3
Dec 24, 2018
I have these as the rear channels in my home theater system (all Chane except the atmos speakers) and find them to be excellent. Even on challenging mixes (i.e. Baby Driver) they perform extremely well. These days with more active object based surround mixes it's worth putting bigger boxes in the surround stations.
Feb 26, 2020
The agony of choice. When I was looking I also considered Emotiva, KEF, XTZ, SVS, RBH and Monitor Audio (and a few other internet direct vendors). The problem these days is hearing the speakers themselves. I managed it with KEF and Monitor Audio. I remember deciding against SVS because I didn't want too bright a treble (in many reviews they are described that way). In the end I'm very happy with the Chanes; Jon Lane was a pleasure to deal with and I do believe Chane offers great bang for the buck (a necessary quality in this price range). That doesn't mean the other speakers aren't great options. I've noticed that new materials and methods of manufacture have improved speakers across the board. Everything has gotten better than it was even 5 years ago.
Feb 28, 2020
DeviltoothAgony of choice indeed.. I’ve narrowed it down to the Chane 5.5, 1.5, 2.4 or Emotiva T2+, C1+, E2+, but sales like this keep me shifting back and forth between the 2 brands..
Man, unfortunate timing for a drop, right when I’m tapped out from Christmas spending. I got a pair of the A1-RXC from Massdrop years ago, big upgrade from the pair of Polk Monitor II’s I had before (and my buddy’s Pioneer entry level speakers by Andrew Jones). They are true 8 Ω speakers, and were too much of a load to sound right driven just off of a Creative X7 (maybe the LE would’ve done better, but I didn’t try), but they sound GREAT off my Yamaha receiver and PS Audio Sprout! These have a smooth, warm but not honky, detailed but not harsh and bright sound, one of the least expensive I’ve heard that don’t disappoint me compared to my headphone collection. They don’t sound in your face (unless, you know, you literally put your face up close to them), but present so much detail that you really get a sense of soundstage and imaging from just two: watching the movie Birdman with these, there were some scenes where the camera was panning around and sounding great, one shot out on the streets was able to sound like cues were happening further left than where the speaker was placed! Obviously that was a bit of a brain trick (and maybe some processing trick/microphone technique), but the point is the detail level really helps the speakers seem transparent and sound just “happens” from the plane of your speakers. I read all the reviews I could find, but in the end I bought them blind because there was no way to demo them. It was totally worth the risk and the price, I wish I could share my experience with more people!
Dec 24, 2018
If you're from central FL, they have a small "store" where you can audition their gear.
After the drop ended, the Chane A1.4 speakers were delivered in about 10 days. My impressions of them:
Out of the box, I could tell they had potential for greatness: excellent bass extension/tightness, detailed (but non-fatiguing) treble, large sound-stage, and superb center imaging.
I first listened to the speakers in my game room, which has a wooden floor, concrete walls, and a pool table. After about 20 hours of music, I moved them to my theater room, which has thin-carpeted floors, curtains, and a large couch. In there, I felt that they sounded a bit thin in the bass and lower-mids, so I ran my Yamaha receiver's YPAO microphone set-up. With the 'Natural' setting , the sound was warm, with much more presence in the mids. Though, it did roll-off the highs a bit too much for my liking. This setting would be good for playing at high volume and/or bright-sounding music/movies.
My conclusion: The Chane A1.4 speakers contain class-leading components and are impressive for their price and physical size. Unfortunately, they require EQ to sound their best in some environments. This can be easily remedied with a home theater receiver's microphone automated set-up.
I will continue to play-around with my EQ adjustments and, later on, update my assessment of these excellent speakers.
Reviews of the speakers are glowing. I understand the offered price is only 9% off the regular price, but I'm curious... Why aren't more people joining?
Yes, international shipping for these would be as much as the speakers themselves. And I'm sure the recent JBL LSR30X drop caused more than a few potential customers to skip the Chanes.
I haven't heard these relatively new speakers from Chane, but their reviews are unanimously positive. I'd be willing to bet that they're among the best-performing speakers in the world for around $300/pair.
We only need one more pair purchased to make this drop a success. EDIT: Three pairs sold. Success!
Dec 24, 2018
mattrisI would love these speakers but I already have two sets of KEFs, vintage Optimus LX-5s for desk speakers, a set of Klipsch computer speakers and Magnapans that need work. Definitely worth checking out.
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