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Chane A2.4 Speaker

Chane A2.4 Speaker

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Product Description
Chane’s highly-regarded A2.4 LCR speaker delivers wide, even dispersion and more natural dialog than many conventional horizontal center speakers. Used as a vertical pair, the A2.4 also makes for superb stereo Read More

Jan 3, 2020
Does anyone know how the tweeters are oriented when you get them? In the photos they appear both lining up parallel and perpendicular to the long edge. Since there was no option to select, do you just unscrew them and rotate it depending on whether you orient the speaker vertically or horizontally?
Mar 16, 2021
AnotherVoiceThey come adjusted for horizontal center channel duties. I have 3 for my front soundstage vertically aligned behind an accoustically transparent screen. You simply unscrew them and realign the tweeter if you want to use vertical.
Dec 25, 2019
Waiting for a Chane 1.5 drop!
Dec 24, 2019
It's an excellent center channel speaker. I've had one for about a year now and couldn't be happier. It sounds a bit cinematic but not fatiguing at all. I originally bought it as a temporary buy but now I'm planning on making it last. You can easily spend 2x or 3x as much and not get the sound quality that this one delivers. Highly recommended!
Argh! Christmas Eve is probably the worst time to put this up on Drop... I have two Chane bookshelves that I use as my main stereo hifi, purchased here on Drop (when it was Massdrop), and I absolutely love them. Very smooth and unfatiguing (much nicer in this regard than the relatively thin Pioneer speakers designed by Andrew Jones), yet more detailed than my Polk Audio Monitor II’s. Don’t get me wrong, the Pioneer are a great value for the price, and the Cherry Polk Audios are beautiful, but these Chane are simply better sounding. I wish I had some comparable ELAC to compare, but even so there is a cool factor for having something with a Leaf Planar tweeter (and nice woofers) and a more unique brand. Now, sometimes I wish for a little more dialog emphasis. That’s a center channel specialty, and I’ve been waiting for another Chane Drop of a center speaker for a long time now... last time I saw one, the site was still Massdrop, and I think it was over a year ago. If I had the money reserves, I’d even just buy the one speaker and hook it up as a center for my Mom in her condo, because (with her Apple TV), it would easily replace her Bluetooth speaker, Bose wave radio, and awful tiny speakers built into her TV that have us all going “What? Whaaaaat? Rewind that part please!” However, after Christmas spending (and having some new jeans earmarked because my current nice jeans have a hole from dropping an open knife on my thigh... also cat claw stresses), my budget is tapped out! So if you need new speakers or an upgrade from some of the popular entry level speakers (Or ANY small form factor Soundbar or home theater in a box I’ve heard), I can whole-heartedly recommend them after years of using the brand. PLEASE BUY THEM, so that another drop comes and I can buy a center then 😅 If these came in a cherry or mahogany looking cabinet... oh man, I might’ve had to put them on a credit card 😅
Dec 26, 2019
"Agreed, even with just a stereo pair of the Chanes,..." Yes, I set my mom up with a stereo pair of these for her condo TV use, no center speaker needed, the center imaging is great. And the bass response is perfect for apartment/condo use. Enough bass to feel it in the room but not too much to disturb the neighbors. My friends always want to go ahead and get a full surround setup all at once but they can only afford a cheap set that way. I always urge them to start with a stereo set of these, then later buy one more for the center, then later buy the surround speakers. A stereo pair of these is much more satisfying then five cheap speakers.
gstupakAgreed, “home theater in a box” setups are a pretty poor value! I also use my Chanes without a subwoofer in my townhouse (two shared walls), because I think it’s more polite. Just pull out the foam baffles from the rear bass ports to get a full but polite sound. For people that DON’T have a subwoofer or feel they can’t use one for their neighbors’ sake, these Chanes by themselves sound rich and very good, without rattling the windows or Fine China 😉 Sometimes though, with a great movie or song, in the middle of the day when everyone else is away at work (I work from home), I put the baffles in and turn on my subwoofer 😁
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