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In the world of mechanical keyboard switches, no name is bigger than Cherry. The company developed the first-ever mechanical switches available to the public with its game-changing Cherry MX line in 1983. Today, Cherry MX switches are a benchmark for everything from performance to variation—and their greatest hits are available here. Customize your typing experience with clicky Cherry MX Blues, tactile Cherry MX Browns, linear Cherry MX Reds, or ultra-sensitive Cherry MX Silvers. Rated with a lifespan of over 50-million keystrokes, each Cherry MX switch features a 5-pin PCB mount, stainless steel spring, and transparent housing for RGB compatibility. Manufactured in Germany, each switch type is available in a 70-, 90-, or 110-count pack to outfit any board in your collection.

Cherry MX RGB Mechanical Switch Packs
Cherry MX RGB Mechanical Switch Packs
Cherry MX RGB Mechanical Switch Packs
Cherry MX RGB Mechanical Switch Packs
Cherry MX RGB Mechanical Switch Packs
Cherry MX RGB Mechanical Switch Packs

Switch Types

Add-on Assorted Mechanical MX Switches Sampler Pack

Want to change up the feel of your keyboard? Switch your switches. Not sure which switches to choose? Sample the best of the best with our Assorted Mechanical MX Switches Sampler Pack. Filled with 21 different switches from beloved brands—including Cherry, Gateron, Kailh, and Drop—each pack contains a wide assortment of colors, materials, and operation types. Try your hand at linear, clicky, and tactile switches—plus a host of options optimized for speed, silence, and RGB compatibility. With 21 chances to find a new favorite switch, there’s no reason not to take the Sampler Pack for a spin.

Cherry MX RGB Mechanical Switch Packs


  • Cherry
  • Manufactured in Germany
  • Operation type: Varies with selection
  • Sound: Varies with selection
  • Transparent housing
  • Stainless steel spring
  • 3-pin plate mount
  • Lifespan: Over 50 million keystrokes


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User Photos63
It is a Cherry MX Brown - RGB
Cherry MX Reds on ALT High Profile Laser
Changing from blue to brown :)
Got cherry mx blues, very amazing!
Switches in bulk!
What a nice shine!
Cherry MX Brown on Drop CTRL Barebones
Sorry for stretched image
with Archon DIY kit
My cherry cream frankenstein switch, Cherry MX housing with Kailh cream switch stem.
Tight fit on the CTRL case
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