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Das Keyboard X50Q Smart RGB + Keycap Set

Das Keyboard X50Q Smart RGB + Keycap Set

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Product Description
The world’s first keyboard that actually shows you notifications as you work or play, the X50Q keeps you connected at all times. You could use it to be notified when you get a message, a bid on your sale, a software malfunction, and all types of other things Read More

Nov 5, 2018
The price of this drop is the same price everywhere else. That isn't very inspiring.
Nov 4, 2018
Im pretty sure getting this from amzn is less expensive
This seems to be the wrong keeb to be in an enthusiast community. Might feel right at home in some gamer circles...
Nov 3, 2018
If anyone would like to purchase this keyboard from Amazon instead, it's on Prime for $1 less than listed here. There is also, this version which appears to have cherry switches instead of Zulus, and is about the same price.
Nov 5, 2018
curieThe one on Amazon has no additional keycaps...
Nov 13, 2018
robinhood752True, but the other version has switches that are compatible with multiple sets.
Nov 2, 2018
I don't own and have never used this keyboard, but based on what i see in these pics, as well as comments, would recommend you steer clear of this. for $200 you have MANY other options in the mechanical keyboard world. These caps are super thin non standard switch (can't ever replace these super thin caps). yikes!!
Nov 2, 2018
Nov 2, 2018
Here's a shot of the switch itself since they aren't included on the drop page-

Nov 2, 2018
I followed the 5Q kickstarter campaign pretty extensively (without supporting the project, and with no real emotions tied to the end result) - by any standard it was a complete disaster (mostly how it was handled by the Das management) and that turned me away from Das Keyboard/s which had excellent reputation up to that point. The backers were mostly waiting for informational updates relating to the delivery delay (close to a year and half!!!) The updates that Das provided were mostly meaningless excuses, pushing the delivery date further and further into the future - leaving many backers wishing to exit the project. Further research into Glassdoor employee comments, you get an inside scoop of the problems the company was facing. The workplace atmosphere was so poor, that many employees were leaving soon after being hired. The re-hiring process would take some time to get new employees up and running, and they too would quit soon after that. They wrote how the CEO was standing behind them with a stop watch checking how quickly they were coding, and letting them know that he could personally do it faster than them... many felt the guy was a douche. All in all, two years after backing the project the, many backers were not happy with the end result of the delivered product.
Nov 6, 2018
omjakI did back the 5Q and I'll never buy their stuff again. It wasn't even the schedule (it's pretty much a given on KS), but the after sales support was terrible. The software (only thing that sets the Q apart) didn't work, and they wouldn't issue refunds.
Nov 2, 2018
I'm not offended by much, but I found the nonsensical technobabble in the advertisement insulting.
What?? It includes boats, for just $200? I'm in! "The RGB backlighting boats a whopping 16.8 million..." Even if they're low-powered boats and I get fewer than 16.8 million of them... Just kidding, I know it's just a typo. Typoes are so amateurish! I like to draw attention to them, to shame whoever let them be published. I'm also disappointed to see everybody says this keyboard is rubbish. It's so pretty! Especially the blank translucent keycaps. ABS :(
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