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Drop + Dan Durston X-Mid 1P Tent

Drop + Dan Durston X-Mid 1P Tent

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Product Description
Designed to be the best double-wall solo shelter supported by trekking poles, the X-Mid is the brainchild of Dan Durston, an experienced thru-hiker and established member of the ultralight community. It aims to solve the common issues seen in trekking-pole-supported tents: Most are single-trekking-pole pyramids, which lack headroom, or overly complex multi-pole designs, which are tedious to pitch Read More

Customer Reviews

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98% would recommend to a friend
Oct 5, 2023
checkVerified Buyer
Unbeatable light weight option
Perfect little tent for a few nights out bikepacking. Easy to set up and pack up, extremely surprised at how well it functions. Dual access, stable in wind and plenty of storage space in the vestibules. Plus you'll be hard pressed to find a dual wall tent in as light weight package, even including a couple of hiking poles.

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Nov 10, 2021
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Best 1P tent for the money. Cant wait to order another for a friend once they are in stock again.
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Sep 27, 2021
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Brilliant Tent at a superb price
Perfect. A weight, price and quality that matches the best around. I have been through several one man tents over the years. One of my key goals is to reduce the carry weight, maximise internal space and have a tent able to stand up to a Scottish winter. This tent by Dan does the lot! I sleep on a long wide mattress, which often limits which tents I can look at. Also, so often with ultralight tents, they are single skin, where as this offered full double skin. ITs design puts on equal par with a select few others that are at a much higher premium. It is well designed and thought out, loft space above the sleeping area, extra guy lines if needed, and even better, plenty of porch space (both sides) to put bags, boots and cook. Well done Dan! Highly recommended by me.
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Sep 24, 2021
checkVerified Buyer
Well designed, light and easy to pitch
Eventually I’ve been able to get out and use the tent on some backpacking trips over our summer here in UK. Weather has been fair, so no exposure to heavy rain or wind yet. The mesh inner has been fine but a solid one would be useful in colder weather. After a couple of practise pitches in the garden everything has been fine except for the one pitch on very shallow, sandy and pebble filled soil on a campsite in north Norfolk. It was impossible to get pegs in far enough so a lot of flapping from fly overnight. Certainly I’ll be using this in milder conditions. I may return to the scarp when higher winds are expected.
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Aug 9, 2021
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it has every basic necessities
It is light and compact, but still has every basic thing you want from tents. Materials are pretty good and I did not have any trouble without additional floorprint. It wasn't too hot nor cold. Though I felt it was a bit small, it was my decision to buy 1-person tent, so cannot complain there.
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Jul 26, 2021
checkVerified Buyer
Platonic shape, great price but risky to use
The first, obvious thing you notice is how you pitch this tent -- I love it. I love it large vestibules, weight, price, overall design. The tent fails a bit in the small details, like using too many attachment systems, using not hi-viz element (lines, buckles, and so on), on one hand it is bit too much draft inside inner tent, on the other hand there is a bit of condensation on inner side of the outer tent. I can live with those shortcomings. But every evening I am totally scared because of the one thing -- the color of the tent. If set it up before dusk I put myself at risk. Risk of being detected by some redneck or official (and effectively receiving fine). The same tent in camo color, and I would pay for being ambassador of it (while of course complaining about this or that ;-)). Aesthetics (color here) go second, or even tenth when it comes to be reliable, trustworthy, safe. So the current iteration, no, I cannot recommend, sad to say, but it is how I feel. More wordy review:
onedaycamperThanks for putting the effort into that review. You make some interesting points. A few quick comments: 1) The external lines are reflective/high viz (corner lines, peak lines). Perhaps we should do more with this and make the smaller elements high viz too, but the main stuff has always been high viz. 2) The v2 of the X-Mid 1 does darken the color and increase the space. I explain that here: 3) For the attachment systems, the hook and loop system at the 4 corners can be operated one handed if you clip to the grosgrain instead of the loop (this is explained in our pitching video). When the hook is joined to the grosgrain it is an easy one handed clip but it can fall open later when the tent is taken down, so the loops are also there which are harder to clip to are very secure. Then we use the buckles at the peaks because they are nicer - especially in this more awkward spot - but they are just too heavy to use at all the spots. 4) This summer we will have it a solid inner version that is better for drafty areas.
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Works flawlessly and very lighweight.
I would also add that my experience with tents has been sharing them with my dad while on hikes and this one feels massive for a one person tent. Love the covered space it gives to protect your stuff from rain on the sides of the tent.
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May 27, 2021
checkVerified Buyer
great tent
I used this tent this year on Section A and B of the PCT Late April 2021. I am reporting how the tent performed under a few weather conditions I had set it  up in my yard and used it once to sleep out before departure. I carried extra stakes (3) and extra guide lines(2). I also had a ground sheet made of plastic. My first night I had to pitch the tent in the rain at about 3300 feet. Once I had the outer set up I was able to get into the tent, dry off , sleep and eat. It rained overnight and no leaks to report, there was wind, the tent remained stable. I also woke up once another night with ice on the outside of the tent and another time with a light dusting of snow at 4000 feet maybe higher The tent was easy to dry out once the sun came out and I could spread it out for a bit. I saw only 2 others with this tent, both seemed very happy with theirs too. I saw many tents costing 4 to 6 times more using many more tent pegs. Most nights I used the 4 corners, and sometime staked the opening for zipper access
I added a photo of the tent drying out. I stopped using the inter net and bathtub after a few days, next time I will leave this behind to cut weight as there were no bugs in that location. Thank you
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May 5, 2021
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Great Tent!
I set up my 1p just the other week. It was easy to set up, and the color is great. I am 6'1", and it fit me just fine. One thing I will make sure and do is order a few more stakes for it, as it only comes with 4 shepherd stakes. That will add a little more weight to it but that is fine by me. One down side is that it is very slick/slippery when trying to put it in the bag. That can be frustrating, but once I figured out the best way to fold it, it wasn't a huge deal.
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Apr 3, 2021
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My favorite 1P tent!
The inner tent may seem narrow but thanks to the size of the vestibules and the transparent mesh, you don't feel constricted at all, a well designed tent!
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