Drop + Dan Durston X-Mid 1P Tent
Drop + Dan Durston X-Mid 1P Tent
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Designed to be the best double-wall solo shelter supported by trekking poles, the X-Mid is the brainchild of Dan Durston, an experienced thru-hiker and established member of the ultralight community. It aims to solve the common issues seen in trekking-pole-supported tents: Most are single-trekking-pole pyramids, which lack headroom, or overly complex multi-pole designs, which are tedious to pitch Read More

Notice: These are available on Drop's Amazon store right now even though they are sold out on Drop. They should be back on here soon (hopefully in the next few weeks) but if you'd rather not wait you can get one here:
Jan 15, 2021
Nice tent. Simple.

Jan 11, 2021
Hello! Any changes to the soon to be dropped Xmid 1 and 2 versions or are they the same as what's currently available? Thanks!
The aforementioned updates that went into effect 1-2 months ago are the changes for 2021. There won't be further updates prior to the 2021 hiking season. Pricing is Drop's decision so I can't speak to that, but they did do a $20 increase with the 2021 updates, so I don't expect any further charges.
Jan 12, 2021
thank you!
Jan 11, 2021
Hi Dan any updates on the possible pro model?
The canopy is about 9 sq yds. So switching from 1.2oz silpoly to 0.51oz DCF would save about 6oz. A DCF fly would probably cost around $300 - 350, which is a lot of money to spend to save 6oz. Could make it even lighter by changing other things such as lighter zippers, singlewall, fewer/smaller vents etc - but all of that is giving up durability and function so not necessarily a better tent.
Jan 14, 2021
  • so not necessarily a better tent. * I concur. My fabric estimate was 9.042. I was close.
Jan 9, 2021
When is it planned that the 1 p X-mid will be back in stock on Drop.com?
I expect anytime now. They should have more and re-opened the 2P a couple days ago. Good chance next week but they are also in stock now on Amazon.com and .ca.
Jan 8, 2021
Any idea if the 1P being sold on amazon.ca is the newer version with the thicker cord?
Yes it is. All the X-Mid's (1P and 2P, Drop and Amazon) are the updated version now.
Jan 5, 2021
Any update on 1P and when they will be back in stock, while the weather is good here in Calgary I'm looking forward to trying a new tent. Thanks
Check out Amazon.ca. Drop sells them on there too and some appear to be arriving soon and the cost works out less for Canadians due to free shipping and reduced handling fees. X-Mid 1P on Amazon.ca For American's, I think the 1P is also in stock on Drop's Amazon.com store: X-Mid 1P on Amazon.com

Dec 29, 2020
When will be the next drop of this item?
Jan 4, 2021
Hi Dan, I only see the 1P option available on Amazon. Is it just out of stock at the moment? Thanks!
Yeah the 2P sold out on Amazon after Drop closed orders here and created a rush there. I'm not sure what is happening behind the scenes, but I think they have sent more to Amazon and we'll see it re-open here soon.
Dec 29, 2020
If you are having trouble with "the perfect pitch" because you can't get your corners to be 90 degrees, here is a good video that describes a useful technique https://youtu.be/5aNTuurDEFE?t=56
Dec 29, 2020
If you are UK based and have perhaps not purchased goods from outside the UK before please don't be put off. It's easy and hassle free! In terms of import charges I can confirm the following as at December 2020:- Customs entry: GBP 8.50 Import Duty: GBP 4.51 Import VAT: GBP 34.39 Total charges GBP 47.40 The tent with shipping charges is $235, which on Dec exchange rate is GBP 178.90, giving a grand total of GBP 226.30 If paying Drop by Credit Card be aware that some providers will charge a foreign currency transaction fee. I used Halifax Clarity Mastercard which is fee free. I'm sure there are others. Shipping was very fast and efficient. It was dispatched on 16th December via DHL Global. Package arrived in UK on 21st December and payment of import charges was easy. Delivered to my doorstep on 23rd December. Full tracking data was available at all times. Also bear in mind that this all done at the busiest time of the year for shipping companies, so very impressive. Finally, my thanks to Dan for designing an excellent tent at a very competitive price.
Thanks for the information and nice to hear it was a smooth transaction. I hope the tent works well for you.
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Jan 20, 2021