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Drop + JVC HA-FWX1

Drop + JVC HA-FWX1

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Product Description
With astonishingly natural acoustics and professional-level performance, JVC’s Wood Series IEMs have earned accolades in audiophile communities across the globe. In the new Drop + JVC HA-FWX1, we’re putting our own spin on this legendary line Read More

A New Spin on JVC’s Signature Wood Series

With astonishingly natural acoustics and professional-level performance, JVC’s Wood Series IEMs have earned accolades in audiophile communities across the globe. In the new Drop + JVC HA-FWX1, we’re putting our own spin on this legendary line. Like the flagship HA-FW10000 and the streamlined HA-FW1800, the HA-FWX1 features JVC’s ultra-thin 50-micrometer birchwood dome carbon diaphragm drivers to deliver expansive, natural-sounding audio. Where it differs from its predecessors is the tuning. We worked closely with JVC to tame the HA-FWX1’s bass frequencies, creating more space for the expressive midrange and natural treble response. The result is a warmer, sophisticated counterpart to our analytical HA-FDX1, and a mid-focused alternative to the bassier HA-FW1800.

Drop + JVC HA-FWX1

Refined Bass, Enhanced Vocal Clarity

With so many reference points from JVC’s Wood Series to work with, we knew exactly what we wanted out of the HA-FWX1. Like the HA-FW1800, we made it a stripped-down take on the flagship HA-FW10000—featuring the same Wood Dome drivers for excellent sensitivity, frequency response, and natural tone. Deviating from the HA-FW1800’s stronger bass presence, we retuned the HA-FWX1 to give center stage to the golden midrange, while fortifying high frequencies for more texture and detail. Together with Wood Series staples like a precisely crafted acoustic purifier, wood housings, and a high-energy magnetic circuit, these drivers give the HA-FWX1 a large dynamic range with plenty of warmth. For lasting comfort, each pair also comes with five sizes of JVC’s Spiral Dot + eartips.

Drop + JVC HA-FWX1
Drop + JVC HA-FWX1

JVC: An Innovator in Sights & Sounds

JVC has been a world leader in audio and visual technology for nearly a century. Founded in Yokohama, Japan in 1927, the company originally manufactured phonographs, but its dedication to research, development, and employing the world’s top talent quickly led to additional avenues. Among JVC’s many industry innovations over the years are Japan’s first phonograph, EP record, stereo record player, and VHS video recorder, which spawned a cultural phenomenon in and of itself in the 1980s. Today, JVC’s innovations in the home-theater, video-recording, and audio industries continue to attract worldwide attention.

Drop + JVC HA-FWX1
Drop + JVC HA-FWX1
Drop + JVC HA-FWX1
Drop + JVC HA-FWX1


  • Drop + JVC
  • Drivers: 11 mm Wood Dome carbon diaphragm drivers
  • Acoustic purifier
  • High-energy magnetic circuit
  • Housing material: Wood
  • Frequency response: 6 Hz –52 kHz
  • Cable: Copper-clad aluminum cable with isolated left and right sides
  • Connector: MMCX
  • Termination: 3.5 mm
  • Cable length: 4 ft (1.2 m)
  • Eartips: Spiral Dot + eartips made from SMP iFit material
  • Dimensions (per earbud): 0.56 x 0.75 x 0.19 in (1.4 x 1.9 x 0.48 cm) 
  • Weight (pair): 1.2 oz (34 g)


  • Leather carrying case
  • 5 pairs of JVC’s Spiral Dot + eartips (S, MS, M, ML, L)
Drop + JVC HA-FWX1
Drop + JVC HA-FWX1
Drop + JVC HA-FWX1


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Top Customer Questions12
I still don't understand what makes this an "IEM" as opposed to just cheap JVC earbud you'd pick up at Walmart. Because that's what they look like. Is it just the detachable cable?l and the fact that they market them to audiophiles? Is it just the fact that the ear tip seals in your ear? Wouldn't that technically make Airpod Pros an IEM? It seems like JVC is just trying to overcharge for these cheap earbuds by throwing the term IEM in the name.
Aug 28, 2021
Top Answer
Maybe do a little research before you ask the world such a question. A repackaged 20 dollar IEM? These have absolutely nothing in common with them besides they both create sound.Read More
Mar 7, 2022
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Where is the HA-FWX1 manufactured?
Aug 19, 2021
Top Answer
As per Head-Fi reviewer Ichos, Made in JapanRead More
Nov 27, 2021
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I see its been asked before but seems no answers so here goes... How do these compare to the HA-FW01?
May 28, 2023
Top Answer
Says right in the drop description that they're tuned differently and are less bassy than FW01.Read More
Jul 12, 2023
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