Drop + Oblotzky GMK Oblivion V2 Custom Keycap Set
Drop + Oblotzky GMK Oblivion V2 Custom Keycap Set
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Product Description
Get with the program: based on a popular color scheme used by programmers, this new version of Oblivion is crafted in GMK’s signature Cherry profile.
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Based on the color scheme of the same name used by many programmers, the Oblivion custom keycap set holds a soft spot in the hearts of coders and those who appreciate a unique colorway. Well, it holds a soft spot in our heart, too—which is why we’re bringing it back, this time in GMK’s beloved Cherry profile. Styled in light gray with slightly beige legends, the alphas are understated and sleek. That’s why they pair so well with the modifiers, which don a darker gray with a variety of accent colors for the legends—from green and blue to orange, red, and purple.

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Durable Doubleshot ABS Construction

Made with ABS plastic with a semi-matte finish, the keycaps are doubleshot injected, which means the legends won’t fade over time. They’re also sculpted in German-designed Cherry profile, known for its comfortable feel for programmers, writers, and more. As far as compatibility, the keycaps will fit on Cherry MX stems and related clones.

Base Kit

There are three different base kits available: Regular with Oblivion-colored text modifiers, Monochrome base with monochrome modifiers, and Git with Oblivion-colored, git-inspired modifiers. All base kits will cover 60%, TKL, WKL, Fullsize, 1800, CP, 65%, 75%, and HHKB-style keyboards (for actual HHKB keyboards, you’ll also need the 6u Spacebars kit, and the keyboard must have been converted to accept MX-style keycaps). All base kits have ISO enter built in as well.

Assembly Base Kit

This kit covers ErgoDox, Atreus, Planck, Preonic, Boardwalk, Percebe, and various 40% keyboards.

Oblivion Cadet

This kit can be used to replace the letters of the Base Kit(s) with Cadet-style lettering. It does not offer full Alpha support by itself.

Hagoromo Alphas and Hagoromo Cadet Alphas

These kits can be used to replace all alphas of the Base Kit(s).


The Vim kit offers Vim-style legends for users of the popular text editor.

Alternate Function Colors

This kit includes alternative colorways for the function row.


Get this kit for split-spacebar layouts, such as Alice, or for alpha-colored spacekeys with the Assembly Kit.

6u Spacebars
Oblivion Colevrak

This kit covers Colemak and Dvorak layouts.

Oblivion International

This kit Covers UK, German, Danish, Finnish, Swedish, and Norwegian layouts.

  • Designed by Oblotzky
  • Made in Germany by GMK Electronic Design GmbH
  • Original Cherry Corp. profile
  • Material: Doubleshot ABS (1.5 mm thick)
  • Compatible with Cherry MX switches and clones
Image Disclaimer

Images are of 3D renders and are for illustration purposes only. The final product may differ slightly.


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