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Etymotic ER3SE & ER3XR IEMs

Etymotic ER3SE & ER3XR IEMs

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Sep 29, 2023
checkVerified Buyer
Much more oomph
ER3SE were excellent, but lacked the oomph on the low end. The ER3XR has just the right amount of bass, and really brings the ER3 to the next level.
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Jul 17, 2023
Activities:Movies & TV
Music Genres:Classical, Jazz, Rock
checkVerified Buyer
Great sound, dubious build quality and comfort.
Headphones themselves are fantastic. The supplied rubber tips are really uncomfortable and I ended up buying some from a Klipsch X11i which are much more comfortable. The supplied cable is very flexible, but be warned that there is a clear breakage point where the cable splits. I have had to source a replacement as the cable broke for one ear.
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Jun 8, 2023
Activities:Casual Listening, Gaming
Music Genres:Metal, Rock
checkVerified Buyer
Great value for money but defective
They were great for the money but the left earbud died with only home usage and they have no warranty i can't recommend them.
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Mar 25, 2023
checkVerified Buyer
Crisp and Clean
Crisp, clean sound with nice detail. I’m not a fan of the flange tips, but that’s just me. These outshine their price point by a good bit.
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checkVerified Buyer
They Go Deep
Model: ESR3SEs These are pretty clean sounding and nothing really overlaps other parts of the music. They dig really deep in your ear so that takes some getting used to but it drowns out a lot of noise without any music playing so they double well as earplugs too. They have a detachable cable using the mmcx standard so it can be harder to replace the cable since the 2 pin factor is more popular from what i've seen, but if you have some shures you can use those cables with these (though you can't use the etymotic cable with other iems that connect the same because there's a pretty nonsensical tab which only allow them to connect with other etymotic iems). The studio edition doesn't really have the punchy bass, it will play bass don't get me wrong but it doesn't really have that punch that you might get from bassier headphones, so if you're a fan of that like me, you might want to go with the XR's, from the looks of it it shouldn't ruin your music but i don't have personal experience with that model. I run them straight from my phone so if i was to connect it to an amp or a DAC it might but i personally see that as overkill for sensitive gear like these, it gets really loud even at 50% with a samsung s8 so i don't really fancy putting these through an amp. The recommendation part might seem odd since I like these headphones, but it comes down to how they fit since it's uncomfortable and even painful for the first week, your ears need to break into these compared to a lot of other IEMs where your ears won't hurt just from wearing them. These can get pretty gross too with how deep they go in but etymotic include 2 spare filters and a tool to replace them.
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Feb 13, 2023
checkVerified Buyer
Rich sound
I am using them with the Double Flange Medium tips. Triple tips are too uncomfortable for me: too deep insertion. Tried to comparen (just changing IEMs during listening the same tracks) with the KBEAR Neon HIFI, also one-driver armature. So, these my ETYMOTIC ER3SE are incomparable better: Ety earphones produce much more richer an natural sounding. Inspired by ETYMOTIC ER3SE, I ordered ERX model. :)
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Feb 6, 2023
checkVerified Buyer
Al principio cuesta un poco hacerse a ellos. Al ser la una inserción tan profunda en el oído puede ser molesto para algunas personas. Les costó unas 50 horas de reproducción para empezar a mostrarse en todo su esplendor. Los he usé primero con un reproductor FIIO M6 y posteriormente con un HIBY R3 PRO SABER. Con este último solo puedo decir que la combinación es maravillosa. Los graves ligeramente reforzados sin ser intrusivos. Los agudos detallados y brillantes sin molestar en absoluto. Los medios muy disfrutables. El problema ha venido cuando a los 6 meses de tenerlos uno de los auriculares ha comenzado a distorsionar sin ningún motivo y son inservibles... Ahora nadie se hace responsable del proceso de la garantía. DROP se lava las manos y deriva al fabricante El fabricante LUCID AUDIO deriva al proveedor de Europa KS, el proveedor, vuelve a responsabilizar a DROP. Conclusión: No se los puedo recomendar a nadie.
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Jan 24, 2023
checkVerified Buyer
Excellent noise isolation. Not for cold environments
I work in a refrigerated warehouse and use these to protect my hearing and entertain my brain during monotonous tasks. The cables are looped together nicely and tucked up under my winter hat where they are plugged in to my Bluetooth receiver. They work wonderfully for hearing protection. The aluminum chassis allows heat to be conducted away from the unit very effectively. However, because the human body puts off water vapor constantly, a thin membrane of water will form from condensate and block a very significant amount of the sound signal. Fortunately replacement filters and the tool to change them are included in the package. So, during breaks I will tear them down, dry out the rubber ear pieces, and change out the filters so the wet ones can dry. Other than the condensing liquid issue, these have been great to listen to music and talking with. The cable is understandably lower quality in construction, but the angle on the driver stem is just right to clear my larger-than-most ears. Really good value for the money and replaceable parts as well as after sale customization make this a win in my books in spite of its situation specific shortcoming.
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Dec 25, 2022
checkVerified Buyer
Nicely tuned
Great iems with a nice tune to them. Imo I believe the er4 series are a much better set but for the price these are very solid and will crap on many iems around if not double the price in terms of detailing and accuracy. I got these because the left side of my er4sr stopped working and I couldn't find a replacement left side so I purchased these and am satisfied!
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Dec 10, 2022
checkVerified Buyer
Like butter (cold and very rich, fatty butter)
So smooth. I've heard cheaper etys before and they fit my go to sound; *flat* (high treble bias), controlled bass, and immediate/focused soundstage. Recently I've been wanting to try something of quality that may have a smoother sound and oh my God the er3xr are wonderful. Such a perfect balance between my typical preferred (at least when it comes to hifi gear) mdr-7506 style flatness and something like my adv 3s. Bass is tight and precise yet smooth and laid back in tuning. I'm assuming the 10-14k area has a dip compared to the sr, which I wouldn't normally appreciate, but the treble resolution easily makes up for it. These have some of the most extended high end I've heard period, I have to say it again the tuning is absolutely magnificent. Distortion is SO CONTROLLED. Its ridiculous how hard I can blast these things while the highs stay so clean and clear. I'm assuming this also helps with the "smooth" sound. Easily the best IEMs I have ever owned. By far. I cannot believe I got these for $79, but they are well worth the actual going rate of like $130 right now.
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