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GK GK21S ABS Wireless Mechanical Numpad Kit

GK GK21S ABS Wireless Mechanical Numpad Kit

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Product Description
The GK21S external mechanical number pad from Skyloong brings the convenience and touch-typability of a number pad to your compact keyboard setups—allowing you to use whatever layout of board you want, with numpad functionality when you need it. The unit itself operates with a 32-bit MCU for seamless compatibility with your computer, plus there’s a 256-LED driver chip to support up to 16.8 million color options on the LEDs for each key Read More

Apr 24, 2022
I received the numpad a few months ahead of schedule and I was thrilled. Until I turned it on, that is. Dead. Had to charge it after I found it wasn't DOA. Figures in the small brochure included are of little help. For example, it mentions you can activate the Charging/Low batt indicator by an Fn+key press but such indicator is of little to no help. LED blinks red when battery is low. Ok. But when charging, it remains forever yellowish. Then the NumLock function. I mean, it's supposed to activate/deactivate the numeric mode, right? You unlock Num and the keys become Del, PgUp, etc. Lock it again and it works as a regular numpad. Well, not on mine. NumLock indicator turns on when unlocked. You try to use PgDn and it doesn't do anything. But the NumLock returns it to numeric functions. Press it again, num unlocks, press Del (the period key) and get nothing but the numpad returning to numeric. Now the software. I have never used an app to customize a keyb. Not QMK/VIA experience. But I think I could use it with no instructions. Well, the resolution is fixed at 1200x900 with a dropdown list with no other content but the 1200x900 item. This makes half of the program outside of my screen. I use a laptop with a vertical resolution of 768 so the top is outside of the screen with no way to pull it down. When it starts and the top is on screen, there's only a bar with a question mark, a flag to indicate language (Chinese or English), 3 dots with a dialog that shows the fixed resolution and a button to "Restore". That dialog has "Confirm" and "Cancel" buttons. The other two buttons are minimize and close. No help, no instructions. I'll try to use it later. That's it. The numpad itself serves its purpose with no added value (for me) other than having the TAB key on it. If I can reprogram it for the supposed other 3 layers it has, maybe I'll find it a better investment, but for now, it's nowhere near as good as a generic RF numpad I bought at the stationery store for 5 times less money. It's not mechanic but it does the same job and works as soon as the machine is turned on. No need to load BT drivers. I can use it to enter the BIOS password. Also it works with a AAA-battery that lasts for months. I like the GK21S looks and how it feels, but it could have better software and more important: good, thorough, comprehensive instructions to customize it. That software is awful. I hope someone with the needed skills makes an open-source alternative and becomes a numpad hero. XD
Oct 24, 2021
If these were metal I would have instantly bought it. Apparently they're cheaper on aliexpress though. Sad times...
Oct 18, 2021
will the white plastic yellow overtime?
Oct 16, 2021
These go for 38$ on aliexpress with free shipping. Why buy it from Drop?
OrCohenpretty sure this is exact same kit on amazon for $50. with prime 2 day shipping. and also 4 choices of switches. and keycaps... or save $1.95 and wait 6 months. tough choice! or am i just missing something thats different on the amazon one? cause looks like exact same thing.
Feb 7, 2022
radpoodleYes, Amazon doesn't ship worldwide for free. That will work for the US, and heck, even here in Israel, but some people will prefer to order from AliExpress.
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