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Oct 6, 2020
So if the Drop is specifically advertising 2 weeks of battery life at 10 hours use per day, and it doesn't perform as such (folks have reported 1 to 1.5 day of battery life at best in multiple reviews), then does that make this returnable as defective if it only lasts a day on wireless mode? I would love to try it but that was largely because of that sentence in which it said it gets 2 weeks of bettery life, then I read the reviews and the posts here. Currently using a 2.4gHz model from Qisan that runs on 2 AAA's and lasts forever and never has a single connection problem, it's really a nice unit just not hot swap or programable. Drop really should see the huge potential market here for a fully programmable numpad, it does need to be wireless though and not bluetooth, imo, 2.4Ghz is pretty much infallible in the little cheap Qisan, I have never turned it off in the month I've owned it, just boot the computer, and it's still running. It never misses a keystroke, unlike the Keychron K8 BT keyboard I'm using, which the first keypress wakes it up and connects, then it takes after that. I would be all over this if I needed a programmable numpad and I still have it in my shopping cart even though I don't but can't get past the battery life issue.
Oct 6, 2020
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