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JayBird X2 Sport Bluetooth IEMs – B-Stock

JayBird X2 Sport Bluetooth IEMs – B-Stock

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Product Description
With a patented comfort system, the Jaybird X2 Sport IEMs are built for unrivaled comfort and sound quality when you're on the move. Wireless Bluetooth supports skip-free music and calls, and the earphones easily pair up to your devices via Sound Check technology Read More

Customer Reviews

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25% would recommend to a friend
Apr 25, 2022
checkVerified Buyer
Decent for the price
Not a particularly bad pair, but for the price it was worthy of a gift-giving.
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Nov 11, 2021
checkVerified Buyer
Stopped working within a couple months.
Oct 23, 2020
checkVerified Buyer
Lol you guys got stuff out of this order???
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Sep 24, 2020
checkVerified Buyer
No good
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Apr 30, 2020
checkVerified Buyer
never even got mine
was never shipped to me
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Jan 1, 2020
checkVerified Buyer
Work fine for the price!
I bought it for sport, the sound is ok... for 39$ it was a good thing to buy! The sound is ok (in the gym I don’t need my 600$ IEM!) and it worked with my iPhone...
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Nov 12, 2019
checkVerified Buyer
Garbage that never worked well and ceased operation completely after one year. FOr $150!!
I'll never buy Jaybird again. $150 bought me a pair that never sounded right when I was sweating, turning on and off or quieter intermittently (even though they were supposedly sweatproof). Just after the 1-year warranty expired, they quit operation entirely. When I contacted jaybird, they effectively told me, "too bad, sucker". All in all, they were cheap $20 earphones for $150
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Nov 11, 2019
checkVerified Buyer
I honestly forgot I bought these
Thanks for reminding about this Drop! They lasted all of 3 months before not being able to hold a change anymore. I figured I just wasted my money and went with Samsung headphones instead. It was especially disappointing considering I had to buy attachments that fit my ears though Amazon since they didn't include all the accessories when it was delivered (Who needs "matching" left and right pieces right?). The sound quality ranged from decent to passable.
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I give it a solid "B" . . . maybe even a "B+"
Overall I'm satisfied with the headphones. I purchased them with the intent of using them in the gym and when going for a run and they do the trick. I haven't had issues with the bluetooth disconnecting, sound quality is decent, and the hardware has been reliable throughout. I wouldn't say they have the best sound, but I don't really need a high quality headphone when I'm running and their jostling about anyway. They stay in my ears and the wings are a good way of ensuring that. My only gripe is that the foam earpiece has already gotten trashed and that helped keep them in. For the price point, not a bad purchase.
Apr 2, 2019
checkVerified Buyer
Definitely not having as bad of an experience as some people have had here, but they arn't wrong either. Sometime they will not turn on even after a full charge indicated by the red LED turning green, but I can normally get them to work just by plugging them in and out again. The wingtips only came in two sizes which didn't fit me, and only the medium silicon and foam tips. the foam tips broke down after a few uses and in general the tips seem rather loose, sometimes falling off after taking them out, and if you don't pay attention they will get lost. The right channel on mine also has some distortion at certain frequencies, this is incredibly noticeable during my workout playlist as it always happens at the same point in the song. Besides these gripes, I still think they were worth the $35 just as an introduction to wireless earbuds. Not having a cable to worry about and having earbuds instead of on-ear or over-ear headphones is quite an eye-opening experience. The broadcast range is accurate, the long press for google works, and as long as you do remember to power them off when you put them away, they do hold a decent charge. Honestly my biggest problem with these is the call-back feature which i never mean to use, but is activated by two back-to-back presses, so holding for google assistant and being a bit lax on the button only to immediately redial my boss at 2am, isn't the best of times. All in all, if you are interested in just trying wireless earbuds on the cheap, these aren't too bad. Think $20 earbuds with $15 bluetooth tax.
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