KBDfans S60 Mechanical Keyboard DIY Kit
KBDfans S60 Mechanical Keyboard DIY Kit
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Product Description
New from KBDfans, the S60 Mechanical Keyboard DIY Kit is an enthusiast’s dream. With a space-efficient standard ANSI 61-key layout, low profile, and lightweight aluminum case, it’s great for those in search of a compact keyboard that doesn’t compromise on quality Read More
  • KBDfans
  • Kit size: 60%
  • Layout: 61-key
  • Case material: Aluminum
  • Low profile
  • PCB: DZ60 (RGB, hot-swappable)  
  • QMK programmable
  • Per-key SMD RGB leds
  • Kailh hot-swappable sockets
  • Screw-on aluminum feet
  • Connection: USB-C


  • Aluminum case
  • DZ60RGB hot-swappable PCB
  • PCB-mount stabilizers
  • Rubber-coated USB-C coiled cable
  • Screw-on aluminum feet
  • Switches (optional)
  • Keycaps (optional)

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