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KBDfans S60 Mechanical Keyboard DIY Kit

KBDfans S60 Mechanical Keyboard DIY Kit

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Product Description
New from KBDfans, the S60 Mechanical Keyboard DIY Kit is an enthusiast’s dream. With a space-efficient standard ANSI 61-key layout, low profile, and lightweight aluminum case, it’s great for those in search of a compact keyboard that doesn’t compromise on quality Read More

Customer Reviews

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62% would recommend to a friend
Sep 28, 2022
checkVerified Buyer
Easy to assemble, and rock solid
Mostly easy to assemble, the stabs can be tricky if you've never assembled them before. Overall a very solid keyboard.
Aug 4, 2020
checkVerified Buyer
Great starter keyboard
60% keyboards are so great and KBDFans makes sure that your first keyboard will be your favorite one for years to come.
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Jun 11, 2020
checkVerified Buyer
Great in Some Ways, Terrible in Others
The design is pretty good in regard to being a hotswap. The PCB is mounted to the top half of the case which works very well with hot swaps and it has spacers to keep all of the board the right distance from the case. Tray mounted cases have the issue that the only thing holding the plate to your board is the switches, and if your board is hot swap then it's really the sockets that are holding everything together which I don't like. The stabilizers are pretty bad with lots of rattle. The case looks great but wow is it loud. It really amplifies everything. I run Kailh Box Navies in a lot of my boards. On my ALT and Preonic the sound is tolerable. In this case, its obnoxiously loud. I will need to put some dampening materials in if I want to really use it. The pcb doesn't seem to have the correct bindings so you can't control any of the lighting out of the box without flashing it which sucks. All the leds but two are south facing which is a shame since the legends for shine through caps are at the top, making the lighting look fairly subdued everywhere but on those two north facing leds.
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Jun 1, 2020
checkVerified Buyer
It didn't come with the promised coiled usb-c cable or manual.
Since I don't have a manual, has anyone figure out how to change the lights pattern or turn them off/on.
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May 30, 2020
checkVerified Buyer
Really solid keyboard.
Really good DIY kit except the cable and stabilizers, which are not so good.

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May 27, 2020
checkVerified Buyer
This is my new favorite keyboard
I've got a few 60/65% keyboards and the KBDFans S60is my new favorite. I love the super slim case, put the feet pads right at the edge so I can place it right over the top of my MBP KB and it honestly looks like it belongs there. Throw in the QMK programming and there's nothing it can't do. Love it!
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May 23, 2020
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Super cool.
Very nice keyboard! Had integrated plate but still sounds good. Stabs seem ok but I did not use them. Want to get some foam for the bottom.
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May 22, 2020
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UPDATE: Things really went downhill from here. My board stops working and no longer shows up when I plug it into any devices. Swapped the cables too. Buying this was a disappointment. Makes me not trust the information that Massdrop put in the description because 2 of my orders have had issues with missing/incorrect items. None of us receive the coiled USB or was never notified that the coiled USB was not available. I had to deal with a customer rep who was a complete idiot. Buy from KBDFans website instead, support them. Massdrop is still a dumpster on fire after all these years because they can't seem to hire people who can read. I think this case would go very well with Kailh low profile switches since it is low without the feet riser. The stabs are on the low quality end with all the rattles. Lubing it moderately diminished the rattle for sure so it's doable.
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May 21, 2020
checkVerified Buyer
TL;DR A Well Built Keyboard w/ Dissapointing Extras
I have to say, I was expecting more from this keyboard. I had been looking for a replacement for my Corsair Strafe for a few months by the time the drop rolled around, and the S60 was already on my short list. It was up against the CM CK530, the GMMK Compact, the Anne Pro 2, the NK65, and the Vortex Pok3r. I was leaning towards a hotswap 60-65% style, so it's main competitors were the NK65 and the GMMK Compact. I had missed the initial NK65 drop, and it had no signs of reappearing anytime soon so that was out. And the GMMK was kneecapped by higher shipping costs then their Black Friday discount took off. So when the drop rolled around, I was willing to take a risk on a fairly unknown keyboard kit, from a reputable manufacturer. First the pros;
  • The case is extremely well built, I couldn't find or feel any imperfections, and it has a solid heft to it.
  • It was very easy to put everything together, despite having no instruction manual.
  • It's VIA compatible.
Now the cons;
  • The included stabs are awful. My old corsair keyboard had quieter stabs, and they didn't rattle nearly as much.
  • The included cable was not coiled, and is rather short for a keyboard cable.
  • The RGB may as well not exist. It's very weak even at max brightness, and two of the LEDs face a different direction then the rest.
  • The usb-c port on the pcb feels incredibly weak in stark contrast to the build quality everywhere else.
Overall it's a solid board, but I'm not quite sure who it's for. People looking for high quality minimalist boards would do better with a Leopold offering. If you're looking for a budget 60% kit, then the GMMK Compact is cheaper, even with shipping included. If you want a high quality do everything board, then the Massdrop Alt exists, among many others. I'd like to say it's a clear case of you get what you pay for, but I haven't tried enough alternatives to be confident about that either. In conclusion, it's a very whelming board, that borders on underwhelming considering the competition.
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May 19, 2020
checkVerified Buyer
Solid Keyboard
My previous keyboard was a Corsair K70, so I'd be comparing it to that. Bought this with box browns, before I was using Cherry silver switches. Building the keyboard was relatively straightforward. It came with rubber pads for the bottom of the keyboard, but I opted to not use these. I used VIA to configure the keyboard, which was quick and easy. The only cons I can think of is the south-mount LEDs, which make the lighting on the keyboard a little dull, but I didn't mind this personally, as I'm not using shine-through keycaps. This was a great upgrade for me, clearing up a lot of space on my desk for other things.
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