Kent Wang Keyhole Sunglasses
Kent Wang Keyhole Sunglasses
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Flexible, durable, and rich in color, Kent Wang’s Keyhole sunglasses are named for the keyhole-shaped gap between the bridge and nose pads. Unlike most frames, which are formed in plastic molds, these are crafted from blocks of cellulose acetate Read More

Jul 9, 2020
The shipping charges make very little sense. Shipping for 1 pair is $3.50 but if you add a second pair it becomes $7.75 so essentially they are telling us that it is better to just place 2 orders... or else they will rake you for an extra $.75 to include the 2nd pair in the same box. Hrlmh... On a side note I have bought a number of KW items and all have punched above their price point, so I don't have any doubts these will also be an excellent value.
Jul 6, 2020
Finally springing for the light horn and another pair of tortoise in the smaller sizes, which I think will be pair 4 and 5 for me. I wish there were more photos of the horn on people but I think they will be fine.
Jul 14, 2019
Is this drop for only the green color lenses? Last KW glasses I ordered were clear frame/blue mirror front and were absolute favorites. Some light-fingered fashionista stole them away. Can I order those lenses in this drop?
The lenses have always been the same color
Jun 27, 2019
Why is there a giant "" on top of the frame I just received, when all the images showed "Kent Wang"? Here's the exact image on the drop: Here's the shades I received: Let's also talk about how the lenses are different colors: This hurts my eyes. What happened to QC here @KentWang
All of our sunglasses have a logo or 'lost URL' in an unobtrusive place that can't be seen by anyone except the wearer. Most are on the inside arm, but for clear and horn frames, it's on the top of the frame, as the arms for those materials are transparent. The text can't be seen when worn. Most of our frames (except for some older inventory) now have a KENTWANG.COM/LOST text instead of a logo. If you'll go to you can report your sunglasses lost, and hopefully the person that finds them will do the same. It's a unique idea that no other company is doing, and was inspired by my own unfortunate tendency to lose sunglasses. I'm sorry that the lenses aren't matched. That shouldn't have passed QC. Please contact us at and we'll replace them for you. Sorry we didn't see your comment until now. Massdrop doesn't have a way to notify us of comments, and we've asked them to implement such a feature.
Jun 14, 2019
These are really nice. I bought them off of the Kent Wang website for like $50 cause I didn't wanna wait for another drop and they are very nice. The polarization and tint are just right. For $40 I don't think you could get much better.
Jul 26, 2018
No more large tortoiseshell :(
Jul 25, 2018
Bit of dumb question here, but I'm still relatively new to prescription eyeglasses, and have only ordered prescription sunglasses from WP so far. How would I go about replacing the lenses that come in these with prescription equivalents? Would that be prohibitively expensive? (I don't know what portion of the MSRP is going to lens cost vs. frame).
Just take the sunglasses to your local optometrist and they'll have a machine to fit prescription lenses into them. It should be reasonably priced, $30-50 I've heard. Please report back if you find out how much it costs.
Jul 24, 2018
Description says that it will ship August 16th; is there anyway I can push the ship date back as I am moving around that time and do not know my new shipping address?
Based on my understanding of how Massdrop generates the shipping labels, I don't think it's possible. We'd love to do it, but it's out of our hands.
Jul 25, 2018
Sure. Send them to me. :)
Jul 23, 2018
Are the frames able to accept prescription, progressive lenses?
Jul 25, 2018
According to the specs on their website, yes:
Jul 25, 2018
Jul 23, 2018
I got a pair the last go round. I have a wide face so got the larger size. The fit and finish is very nice on these. Unfortunately, these are very uncomfortable for me. These pinch the heck out of my nose and just make it too uncomfortable to wear. I have the KW Flemings as well and they are more comfortable on me, although a little tight around the temples. I think My bridge is just too high for the Keyhole design. I gave them to my wife and she seems to like them though.
Sorry to hear that. In our experience, the keyhole design fits almost everyone.
I'm glad that your wife is happy with these. If you like, or if anyone else is reading this, we can exchange for another pair of sunglasses. We currently have 3 different styles/shapes. Massdrop says final sale, but we're happy to exchange. Unfortunately we can't refund as that would have to go through Massdrop. Just email us at
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Oct 1, 2020
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