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LKS MH-DA004 Dual ES9038pro DAC

LKS MH-DA004 Dual ES9038pro DAC

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Looking for a no-compromises DAC to be the centerpiece of your high-end audio setup? Put the LKS MH-DA004 at the top of your list Read More

Customer Reviews

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Mar 7, 2020
checkVerified Buyer
Digital Audio Bliss
Implementation Notes: I purchased this with the $100 usb clock upgrade option, and so far have only used it as a USB DAC. I am using this as part of my desktop setup; source is a Windows 10 workstation with a collection of HR FLACs or occasionally Tidal. I am feeding into a balanced Aune S7 Pro and a selection of transducers, usually a pair of Mr. Speakers Aeon Flow C’s, but also Fostex TR-X00s (Ebony), and Beyerdynamic T1s. It has replaced a Pro-Ject Pre Box S2 in this configuration. Just... Wow! Like... WOW! So first off, my primary DAC in my “reference” setup is a Schiit Yggdrasil and I always felt the Pro-Ject Pre Box S2 in my headphone rig (which uses the ESS 9038, but not the “pro”) sounded too digital and harsh in comparison to the Yggy. I was Leary of this DAC because it uses essentially the same chips (although maybe there’s more difference in the 9038 “pro” than I realize.) But given the reviews and the MASSIVE difference in capacitors, etc. I figured it was worth a try and I could always sell it if it wasn’t an improvement. Well it’s a MASSIVE improvement. I am assuming this is all in evrything around the chip more than the chip itself, but who knows? So what’s improved? Everything. Zero digital harshness. Just pure sounding smooth natural tone. It’s just incredibly _smooth_ not unlike the Yggy. And yet, detail extraction is superior to the Pro-Ject. The soundstage and instrument separation are also significantly improved. It also feels like the frequency range goes both lower and higher than the Pro-Ject. My Aeons have more “slam” and everything has more sparkle, even though I’m using the same amp. The overall effect is that I sit there grinning from ear to ear. This feels like an endgame DAC for sure. I’m beyond impressed when I was thinking the difference would be marginal. How much of this is the fact it’s balanced and the Pro-Ject isn’t? How much is the “pro” making a difference? How much is the power supply? How much is the capacitors? The clock? I have no idea. But the overall the difference is huge and I am in LOVE with this DAC. Also it’s built like a German tank, looks like a $10,000 piece of gear and has buttons that couldn’t be more satisfying to press. Highly recommended at $925 with the usb upgrade. Highly.
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Sep 27, 2020
JoanDelilahFor even better sound quality use the I2S connection instead of upgrading the USB. It will sound even better. I agree it's a great DAC.
Jan 2, 2021
I feel that this DAC is a bit more precise. Its not cold or analytical, but it’s very very fast and very articulate. Whereas my R2R DAC (Yggy) is a little rounder and smoother. In practice, this means i have a slight preference for listening to rock/pop/etc through my large system with my R2R as it feels slightly more organic and fun, whereas i use this DAC for more critical listening with headphones. Usually.
Feb 5, 2020
checkVerified Buyer
great sound reproduction. i do not care much for colored sound such as the warmer dacs and amps. this is a crystal clear unit.
Feb 2, 2020
checkVerified Buyer
The music through this DAC sounds very realistic and revealing with excellent vocal and instrument placement and tight bass control. It’s a similar experience to being in the recording studio listening back through the mixing console over studio monitors. This also means poor recordings show their flaws, however good recordings sound very good. Burn in is 40 plus hours from what I experienced.
Dec 25, 2018
checkVerified Buyer
This is my fifth fully balanced DAC and I am finally completely satisfied with my computer based playback. It has no digital glare and sounds very analog with great musicality and none of the listening fatigue that bothered me before.
Jan 30, 2020
Uhmmm...this comment is like saying "if you can tell the difference between a Prius and a Ferarri when driving, it's because one of them is defective. If your statement were true there wouldn't be a variety of DACs on the market with differernt kinds of implementation (costing different amounts of $$). Companies wouldn't bother if they were all the same. At a bare minimum, different chips = different sound. I absolutely hear differences with this DAC and it's not because my old DAC is defective, it's because this is a better DAC all around.
Jun 19, 2020
Have you not heard any DACs? Repeating some nonsense you read on the internet? Have really bad listening skills? Don't even own a HiFi? Sorry just brainstorming here, and wondering what would make you say such a completely ridiculous/absurd thing.
Jan 19, 2020
checkVerified Buyer
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