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Mar 9, 2018
First reaction: AAAAaaaaaaaa
I was late to class this afternoon because I just got them at college and really wanted to listen to them :/
This is going to sound somewhat disjointed because they're so good and I'm still listening to them and oh man so great.
Anyway, my current setup is listening through a FiiO E10K (while my DACport is getting fixed) to FLACs - mostly vinyl/CD rips, plus some really high quality digital stuff. Bands: AC/DC, Black Sabbath, Blue Oyster Cult, Starset. Tonight is just rock and stuff and I'll listen to other stuff like classical tomorrow. I'm not sure where to start. Actually, where I did start was to make sure everything was ok - and it was; wiring etc. was fine, and it seems like the drivers are perfectly matched (or at least for my ears), and the frequency response/flatness is perfect. So great.
And from listening to the music (and all my favorite tracks that I know what they "should" sound like) was great. Soundstage (or what you can get from rock songs) is perfect; especially for the live tracks I could place the band in my mind. Bass is present while being warm but not overpowering for the rock songs. For some of the Sabbath and BOC, the bass lines were perfectly audible, which can sometimes be an issue.
Besides the sound, a few notes - taking the cables out of the cups takes more force that I was comfortable with. It doesn't look like it, but at least you can't put the cables in backwards. It smelled really weird when I first opened the box, but that's gone away. It's a very light pair of cans, although they do pinch a bit more than my other Sennheisers (HD598). The ear pads are firm but really comfortable.
I really can't wait to keep listening to these. Man they are so good.
Mar 9, 2018
Mar 10, 2018
Good info--thanks for the sound check link too! By the way, there's a link on this page, to a short video showing a safe way to moderate the clamping force.
Mar 10, 2018
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