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Massdrop x MEE audio Pinnacle PX IEMs

Massdrop x MEE audio Pinnacle PX IEMs

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Made in collaboration with MEE audio, the Pinnacle PX is the comfortable, versatile, and incredibly engaging IEM you’ll want to listen to all day long. It has the same tuning and detailed, enjoyable sound signature as the Pinnacle P1, with updates to the build quality and a significantly lower price Read More

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Aug 12, 2021
checkVerified Buyer
Specific bliss!
At first listen I was kind of disappointed. Most of my other IEMs I throw on, plug into my phone and get immediate satisfaction from whatever song I play. These sounded a bit muffled in the bass, and everything sounds pushed back a bit. Also, they have a higher impedence than most other IEMs so it also sounded softer than usual. I hooked up my BTR5 so I could really give the Px's the business and skipped through songs in my library. THEN, it happened. The Harry Potter OST came on, and I was transported into an auditorium listening to the orchestra play. The amount of detail in the treble is a marvel for a single dynamic, and the "pushed back" sound turned into a fantastic soundstage. These IEMs are now my GO TO headphone for listening to orchestral/ OST music. It also sounds fantastic with live albums. Just know you'll need a little more power than your phone can offer, and with faster rock/ metal songs it struggles to keep up. BUT I am blown away at how good they sound for movie music.

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Aug 20, 2021
SkrounstAgree on these being very good for very specific situations. I've had mine for a few weeks and still trying different tips, sources and music before I do a review. Thanks for taking time to share your opinion.
Jul 1, 2019
checkVerified Buyer
Perfect after some adjustments.
I bought this IEM almost 2 years ago and I love them. They started to chip just a little bit, but it's not an issue. Build quality is great. Sound: Out of the box, with the tips and cable that comes with, they are just OK. First I bought InAirs foam tips. These tips gives better isolation, more secure fit and much better bass response. Last week I also bought Mee Audio Silver plated cable (because stock cable broke) and OMG, the sound just got MUCH better. More smooth, but with better detail and noticable boost in bass quality. I finaly hear some of that sub-bass. With new cable the overall sound is much more full. Sure, you need to buy additional stuff to make these IEM shine but it's worth it. Also new cable is softer and microphonics of the old cable are almost gone. Highly recommended!
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Oct 23, 2019
no worries thanks for the reply ;P they sound fine with stock anyways :P but ill be throwing those inears on my christmas list now
Oct 23, 2019
Thank you!
Jan 30, 2019
checkVerified Buyer
Intro: I'm not an audiophile, just a teenager really into headphones and music. I own the full size m40x, philips x2, ath 900x, hd 58x, iem: ibasso it01, xiao mi HD pro and of course the px's. My sources are the fiio x1 and xonar u7. All music tested are flac/high quality aac files. Build: Brand new the iems looked stealthy and tough, but after half a year of daily use the paint started coming off the housing. Although functionally unaffected, they look worse for the wear. Unfortunately the cable failed after only 3 weeks OWO. However that was not unexpected as my freind's px's cable also failed in a less than a few months- I had already ordered a $5 cable on aliexpress. My 10 dollar potato earbuds cable has lasted 10 times longer. I get that the px's on mass drop are significantly cheaper than the p1's, but it should really include a higher quality cable; not even a gold plated memory wire cable, just a cheap ($2 on aliexpress) cable that doesn't break immediately need to be added to later iterations of this product. Similarly the included foam tips did not last very long, wearing away after month or so of use- aliexpress to the rescue again. Sound: As soon as the package arrived I plugged the iems into my s7; a shrill baseless screech attacked my ears. Horrified i quickly switched the default silicone tips to the included foam tips. Thankfully the foam tips removed the shrill treble and some semblance of bass emerged. However sub-bass was still non-existent and the sound was still very skewered to the highs. After arriving home to my xonar u7 dac/amp I decided not to sell/return the px's. Although not a powerful amp, the xonar u7 brought out enough bass for a somewhat balanced sound. Keeping in mind I have 2 audio techinca headphones(which I adore) known for their bright sound signature, the px's still sounded very skewered towards the highs and upper mids. Now with a proper source I decided to listen to some of my favorite songs. Dangomau5 Diakazoku (a remix of deadmau5's the veldt and Dango Daikazoku) sounded crisp and airy. The (high pitched female) Dango Daikazoku vocals sounded smooth, detailed and well extend. Instruments in the forward mid range were textured and snappy. Dangomau5 Diakazoku is not a bassy song, however the synth drum was punchy and laid back in the mix. Royals immediately confirmed that the treble is extended and detailed. Clicks in the track were very.... clicky (and crisp). Mid's showed their prominence with similar detail and competence. Royals is a more bass track with the presence of syth bass in the mid and sub bass regions. The mid bass showed pretty good texture and felt tight and controlled. However even with foam tips, sub bass is quite a few db's lower than neutral. Overall the px's make royals sound very heavenly with sexy highs at the expense of a less (but not sloppy) bass and especially sub-bass. Other songs in the pop and EDM category fared less well. A distinctive lack of sub bass and bright sound signature does not suit modern pop music/edm well. Electronic music with punchy drum beats only seemed to crisply pop instead of thump- my ibassoit01 and hd pro's both had 1000 times more sub bass than the px's. Pop music also proved unenjoyable due to the aforementioned lack of thump provided by the lower and sub bass regions. Overall sound stage is the smallest of all iems/headphones I have heard or owned. There is a real in your head feel. Different to my other headphones, and sometimes preferable, the px's provide an intimate feel to vocals in contrast to the out of space sound stage of my x2's and ath 900x's. Even other iems and earbuds sound far wider. Amping:
These need to be amped! Running the px's straight out of a phone/laptop should be a crime. You would be paying over 100 bucks for a pair of high impedance paperweights. Even my budget fiio x1 massively improved the sound quality. The addition of an amp brings out the sub-bass and bass and stops the treble from sounding harsh and peaky. The sound signature changes from burning bird screech to a tolerable bright sound. Conclusion: For just over $100, the px's offer stellar sound quality through a very bright signature. Despite a criminally crappy cable and flaky paint job, the px's sound quality redeems their cost cutting measures. BUT only if you know what you are getting yourself into. The px's are very bright. An amp is a necessity and you will need to dough out a few more dollars for a replacement cable and eartips. Overall, I still find myself reaching for my px's sexy treble despite other iems/headphones offering far greater neutrality, sub-bass and driveablity. Although I have to take my fiio x1 when I go out with the px's, I dont regret my purchase, as the px's provide close enough detail and highs/mids that my full size audio technicas bless me with. The px's maybe better as a second pair of iem's, I found myself getting the ibasso it01's as a complement to my px's for any song where sub bass exists.
Apr 8, 2019
100%. An audiophile without $1k speaker cables is definitely still an audiophile.
Oct 23, 2019
AxcelA non-audiophile teenager who spends hundreds on audio equipment can only grow into audiophile adult who spends ten of thousands 😂
Nov 6, 2021
checkVerified Buyer
Those have great details
people that like bass may not be satisfied with them. But they have great treble performance and excellent details (in my experience). In comparison to my tin t3 the treble is never harsh and has better instruments separation and layering. The comfort is great, can use them for hours without a bother at all. Compare to hiby seeds 2, they lack a bit in the lower end, but still has nice low end, just not as impactful. Only thing that may be an issue is that they sound not that great using my phone. I'm using shanling ua 2 - not sure if ua2 is enough of a source but I'm satisfied and really happy for purchasing those px. Recommended :)
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checkVerified Buyer
I've been using these since October 2018. Really happy with the sound and design. I wish there were more options to control sound but it's ok. My biggest disappointment was the quality of the coating. I know others have had similar issue but I was hoping if I'm really careful I could avoid the problem. Nope, I was wrong. I was really careful with IEMs but they started peeling anyway. You can see that these are not scratches but rather low production quality since it's peeling at the edges where parts connects:
Unfortunately it now looks really unappealing and shabby. Too bad for quite expensive product.
Sep 27, 2020
checkVerified Buyer
Bad fit, mediocre sound, terrible paint job
These earphones are really tough to fit properly into your eat because of their odd shape. The sound is weakened a lot because of the poor seal created by the poor design. The biggest problem I have is the horrible paint job. The outer coat of paint on these earphones wore away within weeks of using them. Keep in mind, I use these as gaming earphones, so I'm not exposing them to any real wear and tear. The only real physical stress these earphones endure is me setting them down on the table so I cannot understand how paint can chip and fall off so easily.
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Apr 26, 2020
checkVerified Buyer
Expected more for the price
Started off ok, but then like others have said the paint started to chipped off. Then the cable deteriorated, randomly opening up Google assistant and maxing out volume on its own. Now just constant feedback and crackling. I got them on sale for around $70, and expect a bit more build quality for that price.(let alone peopke who have spent $115). I'm no audiophile, but the sound seemed good while the cable was brand new.
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Jan 10, 2020
checkVerified Buyer
1st unit was defective, suffered from channel imbalance. Contacted Dropsupport and they were quick to respond and send a replacement unit. EDIT: After lasting for around 5-6 months the second unit i got is suffering from THE SAME problem as the 1st one, channel imbalance though this time is worse, left channel is barely audible, I would definitely recommend you to avoid this model seeing this poor level of quality control EDIT 2:Man now im even more confused, I """fixed""" both headphones by adjusting channel paning on windows to make them reach equilibrium, and comparing both pairs they sound REALLY different, while PAIR 2 (the replacement unit i was sent) has little to no sub-bass, PAIR 1 (the one i originally purchased) has plenty of sub-bass, though highs are harsher, seriously this earphone is all over the place. Original Review: After spending some time with them i can say i have mixed feelings, first the bass, i have tried all the ear tips with various insertion levels so I can safely assume that this earphone is not bass focused, they have almost no sub-bass, listening to Drum n Bass felt more like Drum n Bassn't. Highs are really present but at the same time poor quality songs will sound really harsh, That said when listening to good quality music the highs are very clear, i won't comment on imaging or sound-stage cause i don't understand what that means, but I'll say that they sound "dry", the sound is really weird for me at least. Coming from 50$ M6 Pro's, instead of feeling like an upgrade (like they should feel at 115$), they feel like a sidegrade..
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Nov 21, 2018
checkVerified Buyer
Sound wise it supprised me with it's spacious soundstage and instrument separation. I think it's one of the best IEMs in the $100-200 price range. I give it 4 stars because it only lasted less than a month before the left ear piece started to go bad, but during the one month ownership I picked it up more often than my FH5 and 7550. Compared to Tin audio T2: Highs are less fatigue than the T2, much more spacious soundstage, less punchy in the bass, more refined sound. Definitely a step up. Compared to Massdrop EDC3: More dynamic sound than the EDC3, much more spacious, vocals sounds less "in the face", bass is puncher and goes deeper than the EDC3. Overall it sounds much more musical and enjoyable then the EDC3 IMHO. Compared to Fiio FH5 FH5 sounds smoother and fuller body. There's more bass quantity on the FH5, but the bass on the PX has equal quality. PX also sounds more spacious and highs are more natural and has better separation than the FH5. Paring: I believe that PX is harder to drive than average IEMs, I need to turn the volume up a bit more than I needed for the other IEMs I have, even a bit more than the 7550. It also sounds noticably better on the more powerful iBasso DX150 than the Sony ZX300 (both on Balanced). Therefore I don't think it would pair well with low power DAPs or smart phones. Hope this helps.
Oct 15, 2021
checkVerified Buyer
best audio experience i've had so far
edit: the audio is great but i have a problem where the paint on mine have been slowly peeling off not long after i got them and started dayly driving them
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