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Mar 2, 2022
I finally got a chance to test this set of IEM's and was given an iFi xDSD Gryphon to test them with. I thought the design was cute (Darth Maul looking), but they blew my mind streaming some Jazz, House, and Hip hop tunes giving me a good range of tracks to test from. I had assumed it'd be the top of the line from MMR only to find out it's one of many. Very impressed with how balanced sounding it was with a wide soundstage and kept detail through what felt like warmer playback. Using the bass boost wasn't overwhelming either which I tend to find bloated on most devices. I'm just glad these GaeBolg's sound as good as they look. They give my 64 Audio Duos a run for their money at the same price point. Wondering if anyone else has had a chance to listen to the GaeBolg and has their own impressions of its sound signature?
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