Obinslab Anne Pro 2 60% Bluetooth Keyboard
Obinslab Anne Pro 2 60% Bluetooth Keyboard
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Product Description
Done in a 60% layout, the Obinslab Anne Pro 2 takes up little space on the desktop. Factor in that it requires no cord thanks to Bluetooth wireless, and its footprint is even smaller Read More
Compact & Programmable With Your Choice of Switches

Done in a 60% layout, the Obinslab Anne Pro 2 takes up little space on the desktop. Factor in that it requires no cord thanks to Bluetooth wireless, and its footprint is even smaller. Yet, despite the keyboard’s compact nature, it would be wrong to label it subtle. Backed by RGB backlighting with a cool white or sleek black look, the board makes a strong impression. Capable of being programmed to your liking, the keyboard is highly customizable. It boasts an 8-hour battery life, a vast improvement over the Anne Pro. It also has new firmware, which will be upgraded with expanded functionality in the future. Available with your choice of switches, the Anne Pro 2 is a worthy upgrade from the already popular original.

Note: At checkout, choose a black or white case. You will also have your choice of Gateron or Kailh (+ $10) switches.

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  • Obinslab
  • Keyboard size: 60%
  • Switches: Gateron or Kailh
  • LED backlighting
  • Layout: ANSI
  • USB type-C
  • Programmable
  • 1900mAh battery with 8 hours battery life
  • On/off switch
  • Keycap puller
  • USB-C cable
  • 11 colorful modifiers

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Recent Activity
I recently bought 2 of these with Kailh Box switches (white and brown) on Amazon for $89 Prime shipped next day, direct from the authorized US seller for these. They're out of stock at that price now and HK Gaming Keyboards on Amazon jacks the prices way up, but keep an eye on sales there. In all honesty, I'd rather pay the markup for Prime shipped than wait for it here. It is well worth $100-120 in my opinion. Over $120 it gets a bit more iffy. My boards came with the new font keycaps and both work great. Kailh Box switches are, by far, the best on this board and I have quite literally used every switch version of this board. Bluetooth is flawless, battery life isn't the best but I still get 2 solid days of work out of it, using the sleep mode setting that turns the LEDs off when not pressed for a bit. The LEDs are not that bright anyway. The software is finicky, especially firmware updates. I had to do a few hard resets of the board when I first got it to get the firmware to take, but I think that was a software not keyboard issue and they supposedly have completely new software out. I use this on a Mac and between BetterTouchTool and the keyboard's own layout settings, I have been able to transition from a full size keyboard to 60% with no loss of functionality. The tap arrows are great. The only problem I ever have is when I'm using the keyboard hardwired into my MacBook Pro's USB hub and then remove the MBP from the hub to take it with me, while the keyboard is still plugged into the hub. For some reason, it just completely freezes in that situation but nothing a quick off/on of the bluetooth switch can't fix. All in all, great keyboard. Easy buy at $80, though I'm not sure I'd want to wait on Drop shipping. Even at $100 it is an easy buy though.