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Sennheiser CX 350BT Bluetooth 5.0 IEM

Sennheiser CX 350BT Bluetooth 5.0 IEM

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Ideal for listeners on the go, the CX 350BT IEM from Sennheiser combines ultra-reliable wireless performance with audio that doesn’t compromise. For convenience and comfort,the right and left earphones are connected with a small cable featuring a MEMS omnidirectional microphone, built-in voice assistant, and intuitive audio controls Read More

This listing is part of our new Sennheiser Brand Spotlight, announced here: Spotlights allow us to make more products available to the community with increased rewards points. Where a $100 purchase would normally provide 100 Drop Rewards Points, in a spotlight, that $100 purchase will provide between 500 and 1500 Drop Rewards Points. Additionally, all products available in a spotlight are provided by our brand partners and carry the full mfg warranty. Product discussions are for the product, questions, and comments about the product itself. If you want to discuss pricing, points, or what you want to see next time, post in the Spotlight thread. 
Jun 9, 2020
Lol you can get this $0.05 cheaper on Amazon
Jun 10, 2020
PotatoPoweredWell, everything they are putting up for the "Sennheiser Brand Spotlight" has the same price you can find on Sennheiser's own website. This one is no different.
BoringEsqIt’s the US MAP price for authorized dealers, everyone is having a sale right now. What makes it different is where you have gift cards/store credit, and Drop gives you a little store credit for purchases, photos, and reviews.
Jun 9, 2020
Do you no longer ship to Europe?
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