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Jun 4, 2015
for anyone wondering if they should or should not join this drop - do it! I got this the last time, in the original all-black. After putting it to some use, it is a wonderful addition to any studio.
I've gotten the best results by sticking a Beta 91 inside the kick and this outside, then blending the two - it's a great kick sound. And, in my experience, I had to reverse the phase of one of the microphones to get the full sound.
arazThanks for the props Araz! Massdrop has been a great community to us and we're glad to offer the exclusive here first for the discounted price. Be sure to take some pics and tag us on FB, Twitter or Instagram like other satisfied Massdrop customers have done. We've had some great feedback and I'm sure others will taking advantage of this deal soon enough... Cheers! #solomonmics #lofreq #roundoutyoursound
Jun 6, 2015
arazIf you're having to invert the polarity of one of your signals, try adjusting the distance between the mic and skins one at a time. It's easiest if you actually monitor one in each ear whilst its being played.
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