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Aug 6, 2017
Whether or not they are worth this kind of money is subjective, I briefly tried them and to me they are amazing. Great great headphones but for me (and only me) I do have the feeling that 500$ is the right Ballpark to get a hint of Hifi. Diminishing return is too high past that but again I have nothing against paying the big bucks for a more blissful experience for those who can. That being said, have to admit, either Massdrop dropped the ball or Buywise Corp. saw this and jumped on the opportunity. Don't know how that happened here but there is no way this drop will happen for anybody. We did see drops that where close to street price but I have to say it's quite rare that it will be above amazon prices. Even at Equal price often Amazon is limited to the US so still make sense for many. Sometime close to a point it's not so much of a deal, but 200$ more? Especially in a case where the warranty is better on Amazon from a seller that also ship internationally and faster. Not a critic on Massdrop, mistakes can happen, does happen, but I don't see them doing that knowingly. If so one has to wonder what's the point really? A little odd, it did stir up some discussion maybe they like that.
Aug 6, 2017
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