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Teamwolf Stainless Steel MX Keycaps

Teamwolf Stainless Steel MX Keycaps

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Product Description
Most gamers use certain keys a lot more than others. Whether you prefer the WASD or traditional arrow setup, you’ll need a good set of keycaps to last through battle after battle Read More

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93% would recommend to a friend
Nov 9, 2023
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Very solid keycaps
The keycaps add a good appearance to my keyboard and aren't heavy enough to interfere with the switches. The plastic inlays also help give a very good color with RGB keyboards
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Nov 1, 2023
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Nice Keycaps
If you're like me and just wanted metal keycaps for common buttons for gaming, these do a great job. A little difficult to remove but the overall a nice and pleasant feel with a slightly deeper tone than pbt cherry profile keycaps
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Jul 11, 2023
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No complaints
I have these installed on my first attempt of a custom keyboard. I have the gaming set as it made sense to have WASD and common keys Q,E,R, F as hard wearing material that won't fade with wear. In terms of feel, they are fine in comparison to the Drop keys, light shines though the letters well enough, the keys have a slight edge to them and the letters but, after a month of use, most of the edges have been rounded off from typing on the keyboard.
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Ping can be loud with a metal plate
felt great and helped me know where i was typing and playing games, but the sound can be a little off putting
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Rough Edges
They're a nice concept. But the sound will really mute the board and there are rough edges.
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May 7, 2023
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Nice and fun
Good keycaps
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May 2, 2023
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Good quality SS keycaps for RGB keyboards
I got the QWER + ASDF keys (only using WSAD for now) and it looks great with the backlighting from my Ducky One 2 TKL RGB. They have an opening where the letter is, and there is a translucent piece of rubber that fits inside and acts as a diffuser for the lighting. The keycaps initially felt cooler than the PBT caps but during gaming they stay warm. They are slightly heavier which gives a slightly different tactile sensation compared to the other keys, but they make a really nice ka-chunk which sounds different than the other keycaps (using Cherry MX Brown switches).

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Feels good, but has issues
It's difficult to fit, and the case feels really really cheap and full of 'Made in China' kinda stickers.
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Mar 5, 2023
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Shine through is amazing on these
Works great with RGBs and feels balanced. Not too heavy either which was my main concern.
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Feels great, really tight and broke a few switches trying to remove them
Loved these when I had them as my keycap but after attempting to remove them, I quickly realized the tolerance was very little. They were pulling out the stems of the switches when I attempted to remove the keycap with a puller. I believe I had the same review for the full keyboard keycap as well. Great keycap otherwise though.
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