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TFZ King Edition IEM

TFZ King Edition IEM

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Product Description
Sitting at the throne of portable audio is the TFZ King Edition: an ergonomic IEM that offers adjustable sound with vivid detail. A step up from TFZ’s highly regarded No Read More

Apr 7, 2020
So I have a pair of these for almost four months and I've been seriously listening to it for roughly one week or so. What I did was created a custom EQ comparing the frequency response they provided on their website and the Harman target (ie 2017). I'm using a Hifiman DAC + Amp setup. To be honest I enjoyed these very much. Soundstage is great, resolution is definitely there but compared to over ear headphones (I'm using Hifiman HE1000 V2 & BD DT770 Pro 80 Ohms) there's definitely a gap. And about that switch. I honestly didn't play much about it, I would say there's a subtle difference but again with my EQ setup I'd prefer to have better resolution and tune the frequency response to my liking. All in all, I would definitely keep these around. They're great additions to the collection. For roughly $125 you get a IEM of great value.
This IEM looks interesting because of the switch that can turn it from analytical to fun sounding, but I can't find an explanation as to how it does it. Well I do, but there's oddball explanations such as the following at I get that impedance can change the sound of an earphone, but the following "KING EDITION is designed with two different listening style settings, which can be switched by the adjustable switch on the panel. The impedance variation range is 20Hz. The ON position is 15 ohms, the OFF position is 17 ohms, and the 1KHz at ON position is 17ohm. The OFF position is 18ohm. 18 ohms, 10KHz at ON position is 18 ohms, OFF position is 12 ohms, The overall style is more biased towards the musical atmosphere in the OFF position, in the ON position , more inclined to resolution and restored and is more suitable for on-site monitoring and other requires professional acoustic performance." Well, it makes little sense. Impedance is measured in ohms so where do they get that it varies by frequency? And there's other stuff that just sounds like "Engrish". Does the switch really change the impedance or what?
Nov 16, 2019
TFZ's first new IEM in almost a week. Tomorrow they'll release the King Limited Edition. But if I were you, I'd wait until Monday when they release the King Limited Ultra Edition. All will feature exactly the same dynamic driver that every TFZ IEM uses and look pretty much the same. But trust TFZ--each is a substantial improvement. Enough already.
Nov 16, 2019

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