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Apr 5, 2018
Ok so I got deeper into the whole audio game and I wanted to do a mini-review of how these sound when compared to other IEMs. I've listened IEMs from a price range of $70 to $1k and I'd like to think that I know something (lol).
Personal sound preference: Neutral but bright.
Sound Signature: V-shaped. Very warm.
Bass: Very bass-centric IEM. As advertised, they are deep. Subbass extension is decent. But the thing about the bass that stands out is its texture when it slams against your ears. Although the attack and decay isn't fast, they have a nice warm texture. To some, this texture can seem distorted and unnatural. It's a love/hate thing. The bass tends to overshadow the mids which can be a turn off for some.
Mids: The warm signature of these makes vocals seem more full-bodied and natural. It's pretty relaxing to hear. It is to note that since the IEM is V-shaped, the mids are positioned behind the treble and bass. The mids are actually pretty clean for the price. I just wish it was more forward. However when it comes to female vocals, they are elevated which is pretty nice.
Treble: Funnily enough, I do think that the treble is the outstanding part of this IEM. The clarity and accuracy is spot on. It does lack extension and resolution. It is very crisp and cymbals sound perfect. No sibilance or treble fatigue. It gets the job done even though it lacks treble sparkle.
Detail Retrieval: Punches above its weight. However I'd like to think that even further detail can be heard if the bass wasn't so prominent.
Soundstage: OK for its price. Things do sound clustered together. Nothing to take home about.
Imaging: These actually have decent imaging for the price. If its soundstage was wider I think the imaging would have better potential.
Seperation/layering: OK for its price. Nothing to take home about.
Hardware: Cables are pretty thin tbh...feels like it would snap if you pulled it too tight. Microphonics can be solved if you put the cable over-ear. Microphone is a nice touch. The wood casing ages and patinates nicely. It became darker for me.
Conclusion: At $70 I do think its a great buy. Direct upgrades/competitors are the TFZ King Pro which sounds somewhat similar. Great for a basshead. Recessed mids but with relatively forward female vocals. Treble is clean and accurate.
Apr 5, 2018
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