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Topping D10 DAC

Topping D10 DAC

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Product Description
Ideal for pairing with headphones or power amplifiers, the compact Topping D10 DAC is sure to significantly improve the sound quality of your audio system. It features the well-regarded ESS ES9018K2M DAC chip, an XMOS XU208 USB interface, and a Thesycon custom driver Read More

Customer Reviews

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99% would recommend to a friend
Dec 5, 2022
checkVerified Buyer
Great for digital output
Pretty good DAC for the price. The display looks great. The hi-res sticker is silly. I also dislike the texture on the metal body. The main advantage to this DAC is the ability to input via USB and output via Toslink / Coax. Useful if you have a DAC that doesn’t have a USB input.

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Dec 16, 2021
checkVerified Buyer
still a good DAC despite newer versions
So there are newer versions of this DAC out, but that doesn't take away from what this one does well - simple, USB-powered, uncolored sound - just what a DAC should do. The S/PDIF bridge is a unique feature as well, for those who need it the D10 series should be at the top of their list.
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May 10, 2021
checkVerified Buyer
Great small clean DAC
This thing exceeded my expectations. For the price, I'd say this thing functions very well. It has all the inputs I need and the fact that it's powered off of USB is a huge plus for my usecase.
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Apr 3, 2021
checkVerified Buyer
Gets the job done for a low price
I bought this for only $65 and it is well worth it. To my ears it is audibly transparent and is likely more than enough for the vast majority of people. While the feature of having optical and coax outputs instead of inputs is unique and hard to find cheaper, I would have preferred them as inputs. The old alarm clock style display is pleasant, the overall build is solid, and being powered off of USB is convenient. Unless you need more features (like more inputs or volume control), this is a great inexpensive option, though in 2021 I'd look at the revised D10s instead.
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Mar 12, 2021
checkVerified Buyer
Great small clean DAC
This DAC paired nicely with my equipment (small Schiit amps) and had great clean sound. DSD support was a plus, but I really didn't listen to much DSD content. Drivers were hard to find, but found them and set up WASAPI exclusive mode easily in Foobar2000. Only thing I wish it had was a Toslink input, otherwise it was great for the price.
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Jan 3, 2021
checkVerified Buyer
One of the best purchases. Easy to operate and this op-amp replaceable!. I used the Burson V6 Vivid - it requires an extender - otherwise you won't close the case.
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Nothing bad to say, plus it looks great
Nice little DAC that looks great and displays what the current PCM is. As a SE budget DAC there is no flaws i can see. Pretty much all I can say, cheap does what its supposed to and small.
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Nov 3, 2020
checkVerified Buyer
Easy to use
I'm very happy with the dac. It's easy to use and the display is not distracting. It always works and seems to be a high quality item.
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Oct 28, 2020
checkVerified Buyer
Works great and does the job.
Oct 25, 2020
checkVerified Buyer
Does the job, I think it does make the sound better in the sense of removing any static or background noise, kinda hard to explain but I dont have any other dacs to say it makes everything better
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