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Sep 19, 2021
I got mine. Not quite as good as my Aria. However, I like my music to have power and my Aria can be a tad too polite. For $50? Yes. Satisfied. (Bought direct from Linsoul, shipping took 11 days)
Sep 20, 2021
IvanofKarlThats interesting. I own the Starfield which are better than the Aria and I prefer the MELE. The Starfield are good but the MELE are making me grin ear to ear. Absolutely the iem under the $100 mark. And dare I say compare to many sets in the $300 to $400 range. Keep in mind the MELE were not designed as a $50 iem. They were designed as a $160-$200 set. There was some miscommunication on the part of Linsoul and Chris when the project was under way. So to keep the $50 price point, the packaging was downgradeda lower quality cable was included and less accesories were included. Even with a downgraded cable however I find this cable is actually usable unlike with most sets. This is a MUST HAVE no matter the budget.
Oct 11, 2021
Assimilator702Nonsense. So they were designed to cost $200 but due to some miscommunication they decided if we change the cable and packaging we can take $150 off? Do you hear how ridiculous that sounds? There's hype and there's hype lol. I'd loved to have seen the cable and packaging... Was the box made of real gold?
Nov 17, 2021
harry501Valid point but do really think every expensive iem costs that much to make. Just like any other IEM, the mele probably costs $5 to make and every included accessory would have added a few bucks to produce. Not taking time to design a better box and using a cable they probably have a surplus of (they are a cable company) would keep the cost very low. If they cant sell the iem at the price they were hoping to, then you dont get the good presentation or accessories. You still get the iem that was designed to be sold at $150, their loss is your gain. The sennheiser ie900 probably costs $20 to make but people still pay the $1200 price, its all about the time and effort that goes into the design. Because of the miscommunication after they finished the product, they weren't just going to throw it away but i doubt they will work with Chris again.
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