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Jan 18, 2015
I bought a pair of these and I'm using them every time I go out. I generally agree with this review, and a lot of users have similar opinions on these earphones in China. These earphones' sound seems smooth and warmish, with only enough bass(not heavy). I like the mids of them.
I don't think the T2 are very detail too, probably because I mostly use them outdoors and the isolation isn't so good (good for safety). The soundstage could be "dense" in my words, not too big, but the sound, especially the vocal is very "strong"... I don't know how to put it, as the T2 are using armature drivers, the sound should be more "dense", but as the sound signature is smooth, I feel comfortable with these earphones. I don't have any other earphones in the similar rank, so I can't do any comparison.
Many uses think the T2 could sound better if you use better music players or amps, some people even said the T2 were not so iPod-friendly. This is one thing I think different, I like my T2 on my iPod Classic! I put them on my QLS QA860 music player sometimes, I find the sound is wider , more "revealing", and could be a bit more V-shaped. Yes the result seems much better, but it lose the mild and smooth feeling with iPod. Maybe I'm strange but I like the mids of T2 with my iPod, I don't want any big change.
Things I like: Sound and price. I think that's enough, I like these earphones. And enough accessories, though I don't like the ear sleeves that much, I'm using ear sleeves from other earphones.
Things I don't like: 1. Colour. It seems a bit weird to have darkish-coloured earphones with light and shiny cable... 2. Cables. Actually the cables are very nice, very soft, and could be durable. But I just can't keep the cables around my ears neatly. As they didn't put a sleeve above the "cable divider"(the thing that divide the cables in two parts, I don't know the name of it), and it's winter now I leave the cables between my coat and my sweaters. Where I sit down, the cables on my back could be lifted by my coat, and the cables around my ears could be "flying" around... Good thing is that they provide a pair of... I don't know, silicone-ear-fitting cable managers in the package. They are useful for the "cable flying around" situation, but it's not so comfortable with them, and they are light-colour, to me it's still weird to fit the darkish earphones and they could be yellow and sticky when I use them more... And the cables can be easily tangled...
Thing I hate: 1. The plug. It could be the ugliest plug I've ever seen. If the designer want a shiny silver plug, fine, please cover the ugly grey plastic bit... You can see the plug in the review. And there's no spring-like strcture on the plug, the cables can be bent anyway where they leave the plug. Normal cables could be easily damaged if the connecting area is not protected, but the cables of T2 are different, so I think it's ok... But I still feel bad about taking my iPod out of my pocket and find the cables are terribly bent on the plug...
It seems I typed too much on the downside... But I'm just being picky. For this price, T2 are good, the sound is smooth and comfortable, I like them.
Jan 18, 2015
Jan 28, 2015
Thinking of y-splitter?
Jan 28, 2015
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